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Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Selections from His Writings

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Post 17 Jan 2019, 01:46

Scanned by me. Obviously FDR wasn't a communist, but International Publishers put this out in 1947 and it was compiled by Marxist historian and CPUSA member Philip S. Foner, hence its inclusion here. As a contemporary review noted, "These passages were chosen to emphasize Roosevelt's reform policy at home and his opposition to Fascism abroad." Not coincidentally, it also contains FDR's words on postwar collaboration with the USSR and praise for the performance of the Red Army.

So yeah if you want some idea of FDR's rhetoric and why many Americans admired him, this helps. I assume it was published in anticipation of Henry Wallace's 1948 campaign, which the CPUSA supported.

To its credit the pamphlet doesn't try to portray him as some sort of radical. It portrays FDR as he was: trying to save capitalism via making it more "fair" and pre-empting class conflict (or, as he's quoted as saying, "I am fighting, as I always have fought, for the rights of the little man as well as the big man—for the weak as well as the strong, for those who are helpless as well as for those who can help themselves.")

This pamphlet was part of a collection International Publishers put out called "Builders of the American Nation." Others online are Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.
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