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JPRS translation of ruling Communist Party journals

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Post 15 Jan 2019, 01:12
Google "Translation of " for English translations of the theoretical journals of the Chinese, Soviet, Korean, Vietnamese, E.Europe, Communist Parties from the 1980s. ... A8dzuothhE

As some other gems like the critique of Agnes Heller by the ruling Hungarian party back from the 50s. There was a CPC critique of Althusser, but the translator apparently didn't know who that was and so its transliterated from the Chinese.

I found most of it is from the Chinese Red Flag journal, and the Soviet material is from the Gorby period. But theres some rare DPRK journal articles as well.

and in case you're wondering "The contents of this publication in no way represent the policies, views or attitudes of the U.S. Government."
Kamran Heiss
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