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Ryzhkov's economic report to the 27th CPSU Congress (PDF)

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Post 22 Apr 2018, 01:31
It would seem that most of the Old Bolsheviks weren't very fond of Stalin, e.g. Elena Stasova, Gleb Krzhizhanovsky, Anastas Mikoyan, Grigory Petrovsky and Vyacheslav Karpinsky (who all knew Lenin) were involved in helping obtain rehabilitations in the 1950s and supported the 20th Congress.

You could also add Otto Wille Kuusinen who edited what many consider to be the "Khruschevite" summa "Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism", and who lead both the Lenin-era Finnish Socialist Workers' Republic and the Stalin-era Finnish Democratic Republic
Kamran Heiss
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