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SYRIZA MoFA: "We Are the World"

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Post 20 May 2015, 09:25

The SYRIZA government in NATO’s “chorus”

It did not take many NATO summits for the "left-patriotic" government of SYRIZA-ANEL to enter the spirit of things.

The Foreign Minister of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, N. Kotzias, in Antalya, Turkey, arm in arm with the rest of the NATO hawks sang "we are the world". "We are the world, we are the children..", as the lyrics of the song go.

As we learn from the reportage, N. Kotzias led the dancing. I.e. He played a leading role in presenting NATO with a halo...

The government's adjustment, which has seen it become a leading propagandist for NATO, for imperialist barbarity itself, should not surprise us. In any case, the Foreign Minister, N. Kotzias, and his government have worked hard in these few months to confirm that they will toil for the interests of the bourgeoisie. This is made apparent by the existence of the US-NATO bases in Suda, Aktio and elsewhere that will continue unimpeded to be the launching pads to attack the peoples, wherever the interests of the imperialists demand it. This is also obvious from Greece's participation in extensive military exercises in partnership with the USA and Israel. This is obvious from the country's participation in the EU's military plans in Ukraine, Africa, the Middle East etc.

Just as it implements the EU's strategy, the government also implements NATO's with the pretext of "combating the jihadists" and "defending the Christian populations", something which entangles the country and Greek people in great dangers. This is also demonstrated by the payment of 500 million dollars for the upgrading of airplanes, which are used in the naval cooperation with NATO. This is double the amount that is provided for by the government's law for the so-called "humanitarian crisis", i.e. the blunting of the most extreme consequences of poverty.

In addition, the Defense Minister of the SYRIZA-ANEL government , P. Kammenos, offered to hand over a Greek island in the Southeast Aegean to the USA, so that it could be transformed into a new airforce base.

So no surprises! Whatever illusions remain must be discarded... The SYRIZA-ANEL government worthily represents the bourgeois class and the EU, and states through song that "We are....(also) NATO."

Thousands of demonstrators expressed their opposition to all this, through their participation on 17/5 in the 35th annual peace march (42 kilometres) from Marathon to Athens that was organized by the "Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace" (EEDYE).

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE, who participated in the event made the following statement to the representatives of the media.

«The government in three months has found the time and money to sign a deal with the US company Lockheed, worth 500 million dollars, for the maintenance of old airplanes for the needs of NATO.

The ministers of the government find time for singing and dancing, they find time to say that the Suda base will be expanded, that a new NATO base must be built on an island in the Aegean, they find the time to say that our country's armed forces are available for US and NATO imperialist interventions in the region of the Mediterranean. However they do not find time to solve the people's problems, to abolish the memoranda and the application laws.

On the contrary, they are preparing a new shameful agreement, with new anti-people measures, indeed blackmailing the people with false and misleading dilemmas in order to make them complicit in their political line.

The Marathon March today, as well as the other militant mobilizations and acts of resistance, which are being carried out in our country in this period, show the path- both historically and in terms of their content-which every militant must follow, every well-intentioned person, against the imperialist wars and interventions, against the EU and NATO, against the monopolies and their power."

- You can see KNE's video on N. Kotzias' participation in the NATO "chorus" and on P. Kammenos' statements. The video ends with the slogan : "No land , no water for the murderers of the peoples."

- You can see photos from the 35th Marathon march. ... athonMarch ... rus-00001/
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