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Karimov re-elected President of Uzbekistan

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Post 31 Mar 2015, 02:34
Uzbekistan's Islam Karimov has been re-elected president by a landslide, according to preliminary results of Sunday's election.
The widely-predicted outcome saw Mr Karimov, who has led the country for more than 25 years, secure 90% of the vote.

But international observers have criticised the poll, saying that it fell short of international standards.
Uzbek officials said that there was a 91% turnout for the vote.

Mr Karimov, 77, has led Uzbekistan since 1989 when the country was still part of the Soviet Union, making him the only leader in the country's history.
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe issued a statement on Monday criticising the election for a "lack of genuine political alternatives" to the incumbent and "persistent legal and organisational shortcomings".

The OSCE also criticised Mr Karimov for disregarding the two-term limit placed on the presidency by the Uzbek constitution.
BBC Central Asia correspondent Abdujalil Abdurasulov says that elections in authoritarian Uzbekistan are often used to boost the incumbent's legitimacy, with high turnout helping to reinforce the image of public support for the president.

While this is no surprise that Karimov was reelected, is it safe to say that the political climate of the former Central Asian SSR's are not fully developed as that of Russia or Ukraine? Is there no relevant opposition in any of these countries? Are there no Gennady Zyuganov's in any of these countries?
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Post 31 Mar 2015, 17:15
I mean there's an opposition but they're basically all Islamic radicals, often with Taliban links.

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Post 03 Apr 2015, 05:46

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Post 21 Jun 2015, 02:10
Kirov wrote:
I mean there's an opposition but they're basically all Islamic radicals, often with Taliban links.

This is such a bullshit excuse used by these dictatorships and the USA. Yes there are some radical islamists groups with link too there radical islamists groups. But not every opposition to these dictatorships are islamists.

Unfortunately there is no real powerful opposition, islamist or other, in these states.

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