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What does "ISLAM" want with the world???

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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 18 Jun 2004, 06:36
Post 11 Jul 2004, 04:29
wheelchairman wrote:
Great, now we get condescending crap from newbies.

Well, its fairly true... But then you probably cosider me a "Newbie" too. (I hate those terms: Newbie, noob, etc. I dont know, they just kind of get on my nerve. Like Using "Fam" instead of Family, or like the word "Multi-Tasking").
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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 08 Jun 2004, 15:34
Post 15 Jul 2004, 01:18
wheelchairman wrote:
hmm I was just thinking back to about 500 years ago, you know, just randomly. back before colonialism really became embedded in the middle east. back when jews would seek refuge in Islamic empires, because they offered more religious tolerance than the christian lands. or when Mohammed said that Christians on the holy land should be protected (or something along those lines.) hmm who would've thought that this was the same Islam.

my point is, the religion became fundamentalist around the time colonialism became a fundamental power in the middle east. research deeper if you want more information.

i agree with u 100% commrad. however i saw something as well when looking back at history. muhammed was a good guy. jews and christians, as well as muslims loved him. he preached tolorance, which is what all religions should do (that and stay out of governemnt affairs). when he died it was the a$$ holes who took over the religion who preached hate.

as for generalizibg an entire religion, thats wrong. its a gerneral assumption that all jews hate arabs and are money grubbing. i happen to be a jew who is a communist and wants a free palistine living side by side with israel. i dont fit into the general assumption of jews, and i would amagin their are other jews like me. i would also amagin that their are a large number of muslims who disagree with bin ladin and other islamic terrorists.
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