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Sheikh Yassin Assassination

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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 26 Apr 2004, 13:28
Post 07 May 2004, 12:55
may i ask, do you know exactly what it is the palestinians want?

if israel gives back the west bank, gaza and golan heights will that be enough?

i got a bad feeling, if they do then they will launch attacks anyway.

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Post 07 May 2004, 17:31
the palestinians want their land back...they want their lives to be as they were before the creation of Israel...their property was seized and they were forced to seek refuge in camps without any reimbursements watsoever for their stolen property. at the same time...they had to bear the burden of re-building back their lives in land which were packed with thousands of palestinians concerned for their safety...the property that they left were taken over by israeli immigrants and this happened all over the country...the immigrants were able to take over the land because the land was labelled as without owner.With this takeover, the israeli govt. quickly built permanent settlements and pro-israeli infrastructure which further impale the hopes of palestinians ever getting back their land. i feel that the creation of israel was done in a VERY wrong way and is flawed. The state was created in sin.Personally, i dont blame the israeli people. they wanted a place of their own,but only that they were led by flawed leadership. this continues until today.i EMPHASIZE that not all jewish people are bad. im a muslim but i do have jewish friends and they too have nothing against muslims. we feel its the leadership abuse of power that is causing all the rift. there have been cases of sensible and humane israeli soldiers who refuse to do the evil biddings of their govt. which surely would have caused injury to more innocent civilians. its time for a CHANGE!! the leadership needs replacement with more sensible citizens.....
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