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Soviet Partisan's Guidebook

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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 12 May 2010, 07:43
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Post 11 Aug 2011, 04:25
Just today I purchased a book called The Partisan's Companion, Updated & Revised Edition, 1942 - The Red Army's Do-It-Yourself, Nazi-Bashing Guerrilla Warfare Manual (I have a hunch that the second part is not a part of the original title
) at the Borders bookstore closing sale (though it wasn't much of a sale... I still paid ~$40 for two books related to the Great Patriotic War, and I sometimes even got coupon from Borders that gave me bigger discounts than that, so it pretty much shows that the Borders "business model" is kind of crap, but I digress). I am looking forward to reading this, but I am not sure if forum rules would permit me to post any parts of this book on here and if it violates the "plan your coups elsewhere" rule. I mean, that's not what it's for, but since it's about insurgency, counter-occupation, guerrilla warfare, etc... If anyone is interested, and if I am allowed, I might post some interesting tidbits from it.
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Post 11 Aug 2011, 04:31
I'm definitely interested in that. Our Borders closing sale sucked, too
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