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Soviet Foreign Legion?

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Post 02 Jan 2011, 07:21
I've always said if shit hits the fan, I may become a part of the French Foreign Legion. I was doing some research and I found that Russia is finding foreigners to do the job that many Russian teens do not want. Is this a legitimate thing or no?

Russian Foreign Legion

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Post 02 Jan 2011, 13:56

I don't see the point of joining the Russian Army because young people are dodging the draft at high rates and if they don't like the prospect of serving, I'm sure you won't.
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Post 02 Jan 2011, 20:10
As Tails said, the modern RusFed is not the USSR, even though they keep some Soviet symbols around. That's mostly for nationalistic reasons, to remind people of the "good ol' superpower days" and not because the government is interested in socialism. The political culture there has definitely moved closer to the Right and toward more Russian nationalism. This isn't really a "Soviet" Foreign Legion, and more an attempt by the Russian government to bolster its own ranks due to its people not really wanting to serve.

I have it heard from a former teacher of mine from the ex-USSR that modern-day Russian military barracks are pretty damn miserable, like it's virtually a prison where you don't get to leave or see your family on the outside, conditions are poor, even dangerous, where people have died from mistreatment from officers or fellow soldiers—which could happen in every military, but seems to be a problem in Russia nowadays. The article you posted talked about the problems with bullying in the Russian military, and here is another article on the matter from the BBC:

With that said, it is possible that in this Foreign Legion of sort, they might try to treat the foreigners better so as to avoid catching too much flak from the outside world. After all, the RusFed gov't officials probably don't want foreign nationals dying in their military on their watch. Even so, I have as much interest in serving the new Russia as volunteer to fight on behalf of the DPRK—that is to say, not a whole lot.
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