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Efficiency of Soviet-SAM's in Vietnam air-war.

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Post 14 Apr 2010, 22:38
Does anyone have a source detailing the efficiency of Soviet SAM's in North Vietnam service that were used against American planes?
How many launches vs number of successful hits and so...
What's the military value of S-75 Dvina or S-125 Neva(Serbs managed to shot American F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber with it in 1999!) in modern warfare?
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Post 30 Apr 2010, 11:01
I had a little work, but sadly i lost it..
A big number at real.. i remember that only for the RF-4, the Phantom for recce, there was something as 60 or 80 losses for all the causes.
And about the F-105 bomber there were hundreds for all the causes, if i remember well half of the entire number in Vietnam
I had a work with all the air-to-air victories..

For the Serbs.. they shot down more then one F-117, one with Mig-21.
They shot down at least one B-1 with SAM, in the end the allied losses were of 60 aircrafts..
And it's correct because it's a similar number of the losses of the Firt Gulf War..
Alsto against Lybic they losses more or less 20 aircrafts..
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