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USSR Defence burden

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Post 26 Jan 2010, 06:33
I'll give you that point. Your original statement however has no merit.

==My original statement mentioned nothing about the actual goods being useless, it said that a significant proportion of the Soviet industrial production produced no benefit, and achieved little other than contributing to the GDP figure just by been produced.
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Post 26 Jan 2010, 07:52
They did satisfy needs of the armed forces as defined by Soviet military doctrine.
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Post 30 Jan 2010, 08:08
Comparing to the US, to produce 1 rouble of GDP growth, the Soviet Union consumes 20% more electricity, 90% more steel, 100% more crude oil, and 80% more cement. Yhe effective utilisation rate of steel in industries is only 40-50%, comparing to the 80% in the west; up to 1/3 of goods such as coal, grains, and chemical fertilisers is lost during production, transportation, and storage.

Where is this from?
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