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Molotov Cocktail

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Post 26 Aug 2009, 01:08
I thought it could because of ignited fluid leaking into the engine through the exhaust
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Post 28 Aug 2009, 17:25
Found this out a while ago but Everclear is illegal in my state of Pennsylvania. Always thought it was because of the 190 proof but it's actually because they don't want people making molotov cocktail.

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Post 30 Aug 2009, 07:22
When I was in Iraq I saw only one M1a1 that was disabled due to enemy fire, it it appeared to have hit a mine. Check wikipedia for M1a1 combat history, Molotov cocktails would be ineffective against the M1a1 unless it hit a couple of fuel cans stowed on an external rack. I got to ride in an M1a1 on a training mission and they are a serious piece of hardware. Did any Isreali tanks get attacked by molotov cocktails in the recent conflict in Lebanon?
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Post 30 Aug 2009, 13:08
How far can you throw a Molotov cocktail accurately? 10, 20 meters? One will need balls of solid steel to get that close to a 60 tonne beast armed with a 120mm gun and 3 machine guns.
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Post 30 Aug 2009, 16:09
James Kennedy wrote:
How far can you throw a Molotov cocktail accurately? 10, 20 meters? One will need balls of solid steel to get that close to a 60 tonne beast armed with a 120mm gun and 3 machine guns.

Haven't you seen that part in They Fought for Motherland where the guy is in a foxhole and the tank goes over it, rotates, trying to bury him alive, and then goes on advancing, so he gets out, gets a molotov out of his bag, and throws it at the back of the tank, around the radiator, disabling it?

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Post 31 Aug 2009, 00:34
Yeah well c'mon, you can't take something you see in a movie to be 100% accurate.
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Post 31 Aug 2009, 02:11
Molotovs are more effective as a surprise weapon. But even so they're not really effective. As far as I can tell they're more of a psychological weapon than anything.
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Post 31 Aug 2009, 03:13
Well they're rather effective for arson, and they'll break up a police line good and proper.
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Post 31 Aug 2009, 03:56
Well if you think about it, the basic principals of a molotav cocktail is to burn someone alive. Americans used Napalm in veitnam, if not in a bottle. So indeed fire has been used as a primary weapon throughout the ages. I'm pretty sure they may have been used elsewhere in a different time in a different battle.
~ Torres
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