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Japanese Kamikaze Pilots

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Post 01 Sep 2006, 20:29
And who are you to tell people what they can and cannot post in this thread?

I don't like it when people start flame wars about issues like this, especially because I was not trying to make political statement or anything like that with this video.

It merely shows that Kamikaze pilots were human beings, just like other soldiers of World War Two, and what their sacrifice for their country was. Nothing more, nothing less.

the japanese empire was the enemy of the USSR

Frankly, I don't give a damn about that. The war ended 61 years ago and you must live with it. I can go to bar with Russians have a drink with them, my neighbours.
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Post 02 Sep 2006, 12:50
Hmm...A sacrifice to a country which was responsible for the massacre of human lives in China and Korea and various Asian countries...I don't think I'm ready to sympathize.
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Post 02 Sep 2006, 14:36
Please, "feel free" to generalize, and I did not ask you to sumpathize or like it.
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Post 24 Nov 2006, 23:10
i think the kamakozes were brave any one that dies for a cose is brave it dosent mean that its good just brave
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Post 01 Dec 2006, 16:47
*Points a sig.*

That is my view right there.

Sig by Babeuf.
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Post 02 Dec 2006, 02:32
Moved from Propaganda

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Post 01 Jan 2007, 21:46
Kamikaze was an idiotic tactic. This is a quote from the first pilot to ever do a Kamikaze attack:

"Japan's future is bleak if it is forced to kill one of its best pilots. I am not going on this mission for the Emperor or for the Empire... I am going because I was ordered to."

- Yukio Seki
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Post 01 Jan 2007, 23:39
My grandfather's company shot down 22 Japanese aircraft.

"The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit."
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Post 02 Mar 2007, 23:46
Kamikaze was an idiotic tactic. This is a quote from the first pilot to ever do a Kamikaze attack:

When Japan started using Kamikaze pilots, their future was already sealed, this was just some sort of a desperate attempt to turn the tide. OR at least force the US into a truce.

Remember, during the latter parts of WWII, many Japanese crafts were being retrofitted with WOOD. And US air superiority was too overwhelming for a Japanese pilot. At that point in time, as a Japanese war planner, you could only wish that a chunk of aircraft will take off on a bomb rush mission, and hopefully, a few will score some fatal hits on the enemy's navy.

The chances for a Kamikaze pilot was sealed- but hell, from a military POV, he could at least hope to sink something. In the latter parts of WWII, a Japanese pilot closing the lid of his cockpit was like closing the lid of his coffin anyways...

SO, your choices are:

1. Surrender
2. Run an air sortie and get shot down without accomplishing anything.
3. BOmb rush a bunch of aircraft on an enemy aircraft carrier, hoping to score some hits.

Option #3 sounds by far the most feasable, if you're getting pushed to a corner.
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Post 20 Jun 2008, 00:55
tim- and the soviets commited no war crimes
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Post 20 Jun 2008, 09:31
Comrade Maverick please stop with the necroposting. If a thread has been dead for many months, it's probably best to leave it dead unless you have some major new material to add to it.
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Post 23 Oct 2009, 19:45
Emperor, Premier, Fellow Comrade... assessing the respect individuals deserve does not depend on their ideology but their actions. Kamikaze pilots weren't the war criminals who fought on land, they were very very brave. The cause for Japan was the exact same as the cause for the Nazis and for the Capitalists and for the Soviets. Enduring the current hardship so things could recover and improve later on. Whether or not the causes would work or if they were fair or whatever is irrelevant on the individual level. Fact is the pilots were willing to die for others in their Empire. I find that honourable. To me that makes them comrades, misguided though they may be... imo.
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Post 27 Oct 2009, 10:27
Didn't realise this was a dead thread lol.
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Post 06 Nov 2009, 18:06
Thank you Comrades

The men of the Japanese imperial airforce were brave. They piloted a flying bomb from Japan toward the enemy fleet. Many were shot down on route - but some got through and carried out their duty to the end.

General Zhukov, speaking about tactics in the Great Patriotic War, said that when he encountered a minefield, he sent men across it anyway. He viewed the resultant casualties to be more or less the same, as if the enemy had stood their ground, and defended the space they had mined.

Warfare is a destructive act - and to face this fact, is to be brave.
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