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The Nemmersdorf massacre

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Post 24 Sep 2010, 13:45
I know facts from that day are still being disputed, but how likely is it that it was in fact the Nazis who commited the massacre and then blamed it on the Soviet army?

A newspaper article from 1944 (found on Google Archive) suggested the same thing.

Nemmersdorf was a village in East Prussia which was taken by the Soviets (shortly before being retaken by the Germans) in late 1944.

During this time "it was the scene of an alleged massacre said to have been perpetrated by the Soviet soldiers against German civilians" Nemmersdorf massacre

Others massacres reportedly took place across East Prussia during this time, like the Metgethen massacre
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Post 01 Oct 2010, 16:48
Look at the number of deaths, don't you think that the term "massacre" is used wee a bit too liberally?
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Post 01 Oct 2010, 17:23
I do, but that's what it's known as, so what can I do?

Thank you for the input.
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Post 25 Jan 2011, 00:19
The tale of the massacre being perpatrated by the Red Army is based on writings of a Volkssturm leader and a Wehrmacht General-Major.
According to the Germans, the Soviets even took the time to execute about fifty French who had been liberated from German captivity.
So, essentially the tale is that the Red Army crosses the river, rapes all women in Nemmersdorf, nails women in crucifix position to doors and carts, murders around 75 people in very distinctive, diverse and brutal ways, liberate fifty French soldiers, executes them for some reason, and then goes away.
Wow, that's quite an achievement, keeping in mind that the Red Army was in Nemmersdorf for only a few hours, during which they were caught in heavy fighting for the entire duration of their stay in the town...

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Post 24 Jul 2017, 22:59
The nemmersdorf massacre happened and was carried out by troops of the 2nd battalion 25th guards tank brigade german figures are approx 650 this is probably high and inflated by nazi press but soviet figures were 20-30 and this is ludicrously low the true figure based on population and people who had already left to avoid Soviets was closer to 300 please do not deny this atrocity happened because it did . State sanctioned murder was rife inside the ussr under Stalin and the serial rapist Beria the deaths of 300 germans mattered little to soviet troops who had lost millions. Besides when young men who are barely out of school are given the means the place and the opportunity to do this kind of thing especially when urged to vengeance by kommisars they will do it it has always happened throughout history even in Vietnam but do not deny it happened to do so is to deny any holocaust and this is wrong.
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