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Who crushed Hitler ?

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Post 30 Aug 2011, 07:52
Even with air superiority the Germans couldn't have crossed the channel because they literally didn't have enough ships to carry their troops across in. The latter half of 1940 really was an unmitigated disaster for the Nazis. Their original intention after Dunkirk was to force a peace with Britain so they could get on with "purifying" the east.

I mean Churchill was a pig, but at least he was a pig prepared to fight Hitler to the death. As he once said (in reference to Stalin, I believe) "If Hitler invaded hell, I'd give Satan a favourable reference in parliament."
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Post 01 Oct 2011, 02:44
Jingle_Bombs is correct; the Nazis had no ability to cross the English Channel under any conditions, even with absolute air superiority. They attempted to organize a rehearsal of the invasion using barges, and they failed even without any opposition and during perfect weather. If the Nazis had held off on war for a couple more years (at least) then maybe the German navy would've been able to prepare better.

Still, the Soviet Union was responsible for the Allied victory in the war. They took on the bulk of the Nazi troops, killed and destroyed most of the Nazis' equipment, and managed to win with minimal assistance from the Western Allies.
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