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What if hitler

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Post 09 Jan 2006, 03:12
Churchill had ordered the French fleet to be destroyed in its harbour when France surrendered to Germany in 1940.

Churchill ordered that French ships should either fight alongside the Allies or be neutralised in some way, preventing it from falling into Axis hands.

Several thousand French sailors were killed, and every major French warship was sunk by the British.

Not quite. Only one battleship was sunk at Mers-el-Kebir and French 1300 were killed. Rest of the French Navy, which was scattered, either sticked with Vichy France or joined Allies.
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Post 09 Jan 2006, 13:55
You don't seem to get it, Luftwaffe could not do so manu things at the same time. Air superiority would be needed before the invasion could be launched.

Stukas (along with the German Navy)-Royal Navy
Luftwaffe fighters- the smaller RAF
rest of the Luftwaffe- bomb England

Yes this is a gamble, but it could have tooken England out of the war.

Keeping troops in France and Norway and suppying them to make sure they are ready for combat is pointless? Intresting...

I'm saying they could have been used to attack England.

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