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Development Of Socialist Ideology

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Post 25 Sep 2013, 13:01
I have been reading about the history of socialism and it appears that socialist thinking only developed on any major scale in the 19th century. There were many socialist thinkers, including from England, France and Germany. Socialism developed as critique of the industrial revolution. There also developed alongside socialism the parallel movement of anarchism.

Is my understanding correct?
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Post 25 Sep 2013, 15:25
A lot of the ideas had existed before. There were early utopian writers who talked about equal, moneyless societies, many of them religious, but our understanding of socialism as a working class ideology is pretty much 19th century of course
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Post 25 Sep 2013, 15:33
No. Lenin and Trotsky are absolutely essential.
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Post 26 Sep 2013, 00:29
Socialism, as an ideology, existed from pretty much the 19th century onward. As previously mentioned, it was essentially just a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. There were many types of socialism, including the great split in the socialist movement between reformists and revolutionary socialists. Revolutionary socialism eventually became Marxism, a type of communism, which is essentially just a radical form of socialism. There was also a great debate between "Utopian socialism" and "scientific socialism", the latter of which represents Marxism. Anyways, the revolutionary socialists / communists and Marxists eventually came to represent the international communist movement, and then we had Lenin and Stalin and all that
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