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Che and stalin

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Post 15 Mar 2007, 22:52
another quote from Che (from the 'Apuntes críticos a la Economía Política'):
"I believe that the fundamental things on which Trotsky based himself were erroneous, that his posterior conduct was an erroneous conduct and even obscure in his latest period. And that the Trotskyists don't have contributed anything in any place and where they did more, like in Peru, they ultimately failed because the methods are bad." (Reunión Bimestral del Ministerio de Industrias, 5 de diciembre de 1964)
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Post 13 Mar 2008, 17:08
It hasn't been a year therefore this is not a necropost.

Anyway I was reading My Life by Fidel Castro & Ignacio Ramonet and on the chapter about Che:

Ignacio Ramonet: It's been said that Che even had some Trotskyite sympathies. Did you see that in him at that point?

Fidel Castro: No, no. Let me tell you, really, what Che was like. Che already had, as I've said, a political education. He had come naturally to read a number of bools on the theories of Marx, Engels and Lenin ... He was a Marxist. I never heard him talk about Trotsky. He defended Marx, he defended Lenin, and he attack Stalin - or rather, he criticized the cult of personality, Stalin's errors ... But I never heard him speak, really, about Trotsky. He was a Leninist and, to a degree, he even recognized some merits in Stalin - you know, industrialization, some of those things.

"By what standard of morality can the violence used by a slave to break his chains be considered the same as the violence of a slave master?" - Walter Rodney
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Post 21 Mar 2015, 18:21
If Che was so perturbed by famine, poverty, etc. why would he admire Joseph Stalin? I understand they shared marxist leninist views, but Joseph Stalin's Genocide, and the famines that resulted from Stalin's attempts to create an agrarian economy, certainly dont reflect the change that che wanted. Not to mention the work camps, war crimes, and other injustices.

Apologies for errors with either grammatical, usage, and sentence structure. This was typed with very early

Also apologize for any factual errors. I am only sixteen and just beginning to explore figures and philosophies, as well as existential questions. I am hoping to form my own worldview. I am a libertarian (American, and a little more on the right wing of the spectrum) but also practice buddhist tenets. After reading some nietzsche and marx i was inspired to discover more idk haha. thanks
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Post 22 Apr 2015, 03:17
What Genocide?

Those Famines would have been pretty hard to avoid by anybody considering the First World War followed by the Civil War had just ravaged the Population and the Farmland.
Logistics were still that of a Feudal Country apart from the Rail Network.
Around 14 Countries attacked Russia during the Civil War so it was a lot worse than a purely internal matter.

As to Work Camps... A much more productive method than just locking criminals up in a building to rot. Might as well make use of them given they forfeited their liberty by committing crimes.

As to War Crimes.... All Nations at that time were guilty as hell of the same. Doesn't make it right but they should all be judged not one Nation in isolation.
"A shiny bauble from Capitalism is worthless when the cost is Children & the Elderly going hungry, The Infirm & Sick dying because of Greed & Education reduced to a token few to placate the masses with Illusions of freedom."
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