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Could Donetsk and Luhansk Rebuild the Soviet Union?

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Post 05 Jul 2014, 14:19
I was reading the program for the party of Novorossia, and it really sounded like it was striving to create a Socialist system based on the Soviet model. Among the things listed, the program said that the state would follow the principle of 'From each according to their ability, to each according to their work.'

I translated it using Google translate.

Socio-political movement
"The Party of New Russia"

Socio-political movement "Novoross Game" is created with one purpose - to unite the efforts and diligence of all supporters and like-minded people to establish an independent federal State Novorossia.

Creating a New Russia State - is not only the withdrawal of all Russian southeastern Ukrainian lands from the jurisdiction of the Kiev authorities, not only liberation from the yoke of the fascist junta, but also the construction of a new, truly fair, scientifically, technologically advanced state, all resources are not in words , but in fact belong to the people and are fully utilized for the benefit of him.

New Russia (Novorossiysk Territory, New Russia, New Russia) - the official name synonymous Novorossiysk province. In a broad sense - historical territory of the northern Black Sea coast, attached to Russia after the Russian-Turkish wars in the second half of the XVIII century. Included Kherson, Ekaterinoslavskuyu, Tauris, Bessarabia, Stavropol province, as well as the Kuban region and the Province of the Don Cossacks. The term was used by the beginning of XX century and received a new spread in the XXI century, more precisely in 2013-2014, as a result of events occurring in Ukraine, which caused a wave of discontent in the South-East of the country.

New Russia with its dominant Russian culture perceives itself as separate from the other regions of the community. Communication language - Russian, which is the most obvious and common expression of a particular self-identity. The population of these regions the right to secede from the Soviet Union sees itself as part of a "Greater Russia" (halo territories inhabited by Russian and other peoples in solidarity with the Russian civilization over the previous centuries, which coincides approximately with the territory of the former Soviet Union or the former Russian Empire Romanov). To date, the New Russia - it is a political, cultural and historical region that combines Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Nikolayev, Odessa, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk region.

The concept of a federative state Novorossia
(Project Socio-Political Movement "Party of New Russia")

State Novorossia be a sovereign state, established by the will of the people, which is the only source of power. The basis of government Novorossia will be democracy, based on the principle of direct democracy in making critical decisions that determine the future of the nation and state.

Authorities Novorossia

The supreme legislative authority in the New Russia to become the People's Council, formed on the basis of nomination by the Soviets of People's Representatives or labor groups. Personal responsibility for their decisions and their implementation will be head of the National Council, elected from among its members.

The main executive body will Novorossia government formed by its Chairman, represented by the Head of the National Council and approved by the National Council.

The judicial system Novorossia will be separated from the legislative and executive authorities, and should be a system of lay judges.

All appointed and elected authorities and their representatives in the case of individual unfair execution of their duties will be revoked by those who elected or appointed on the basis of the procedures described technical sub-legal act.

Economic system Novorossia

Land, its subsoil, water, flora and fauna, as well as major industrial and financial assets created by the labor of the people, will be the property of the people of New Russia, and can not be privately owned. Use and disposal of natural resources can not be done to the detriment of the people.

Basis of the economic welfare of the country will be high-tech industries with high added value, which require fundamental advances in fields of science, as well as the development of higher and secondary education.

Economic structure Novorossia will be based on principles of social justice and multiculturalism.

Results and economic activities of the people of New Russia, as well as the operation of industrial and financial assets owned by the state, will belong to all the people, and may be used only for the benefit of the people, through a fair distribution.

Political-economic system Novorossia create conditions under which the unjust enrichment through theft and corruption - is impossible. Remuneration of each person will be a measure of usefulness of the work to society.

The state will assume the functions of assistance to the poor, the socially disadvantaged, disabled and needy undertaken with funds received from the economic activities of the state and operation of its assets.

Large property, industrial and financial assets will be owned by the state, the average level of production and household objects can belong teams, while as a small production facilities and economic activity created by the hands of private traders may be privately owned.

Despite the fact that the whole earth will belong to the people, land lots, used for personal residence or individual agricultural activities may be in the lifelong use with the possibility of inheritance rights of use.

Social and Culture Novorossia

Social structure Novorossia will be based on the principles of equality, justice, freedom of religion and cultural identity. State language must be Russian, while the use of Ukrainian and other languages ​​and communication to them is free.

Recognizing the cultural and civilizational unity with the Russian world; placing as a goal reunification with Russia Large - cultural or directly; Novorossia people will always be open to cultural and social interaction with other peoples living in neighboring countries, and in the territory of New Russia itself as a cultural, ethnic and other enclaves of autonomy and community.

Normative form of spiritual and religious education will be belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, which is allows for freedom of religion, except for the Russian foreign cultural and civilizational environment of aggressive forms of totalitarian sects, destroying the fabric of society and social harmony.

Not allowed any form of racial, national, ethnic and cultural intolerance, as well as forms of discrimination based on language, gender, social, property and other other features. Hate propaganda is not permitted under the pretext of minority views to protect them from discrimination on any grounds.
Preserve their cultural, ethnic and linguistic identity will be the inalienable right of every citizen of New Russia, subject to all the major laws and regulations.

The minimum set of social security, preserving the conditions of social equilibrium, stability, and development of the society, including secondary education and health care should be provided by the state. Package of social guarantees should grow as Novorossia welfare in general.

Foreign policy and geopolitical orientations

Activities of the authorities of New Russia in the international arena will be based on the recognition of and respect for national sovereignty of all countries adhere to the principles of international law.

New Russia will recognize the possibility of self-determination of the people as an independent state in a situation where people's right to preserve their identity, the freedom to use their own language and the ability to adhere to the established in the course of historical development of cultural and civilizational ties violated.

From the point of view of geopolitics Novorossia will focus on Eurasian vector development and adheres to the priority of forging strategic relations with the East, primarily within the Eurasian supranational structures, both economic and political-military plan. Cooperation with the West as it is not excluded that, if they geopolitically focused on Russia.

Protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity Novorossia will be a major priority of foreign policy. Given the current world system security bloc, with the dominance of the global West, and the impossibility of knowing yourself and alone to defend its sovereignty and security in these terms, the New Russia will focus on the entry of the military-political blocs with the participation of Russia.

Rights and responsibilities in Novorossiya

People and will be the basis of the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of residents of New Russia. Human rights, as well as the right of peoples, communities and other collective entities underlying social structure of New Russia - will be the equal of the concepts, and will not be subject to the hierarchical alignment.

Rights and freedoms under the New Russia may be restricted by law as well as the social contract, including the way of life, customs and traditions are not fixed in the form of legal norms and instruments. Including the rights and freedoms can be set or limited within the structures and authorities. Moreover, all are equal before the decision of the national court, acting within the law, if it came to court, and was not settled within governments communities autonomy, settlements, etc.

Persons who are not citizens of New Russia, but are at the same time on its territory, will be required to comply with the laws and rules of the place of stay.

Every resident of New Russia will have the right to life, and can not be arbitrarily deprived of it, except by the People's Court in the case of a serious offense, as an exceptional measure of punishment. No one shall be subjected to torture, violence or other abuse.

Everyone will have the right to respect for his private life, privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations. This right will be allowed only in accordance with the law on the basis of a court decision. Residence is inviolable. No one will have the right to enter a home against the will of the persons living there, except on the basis of the judgment.

Everyone will have the right to freedom of movement and choice of place of residence, as well as free travel outside of New Russia, except in situations stipulated by law.

All residents of New Russia will have the right to form social or political organization, the creation of community autonomy, settlements, and other associations on the basis of beliefs, religion, etc.

Armed forces and the people's militia Novorossia

Securing New Russia, as well as ensuring internal peace and order will be carried out by citizens of the People's Self-Defense and the People's Militia. Service in these forces will be both voluntary and on a professional basis. In case of any aggravation of the situation, the People's Council of New Russia will have the right to announce the mobilization of reservists.

Staff of the People's Self-Defense Forces and the People's Militia will swear allegiance to the people of New Russia, and will not have the right to change the oath, which is tantamount to betrayal and will be punished with exceptional punishment.

The forces of the People's Self-Defense will focus on defense Novorossia from external aggression. However, the People's Self-Defense Force will have the right to leave the territory of New Russia to eliminate hotbeds of aggression and a permanent source of danger beyond, smothering terrorism and concentrations of extremist forces, violent against Novorossia.

People's Self-Defense Forces will be able to duty outside Novorossia comprising troops supranational military-political blocs with the participation of Russia.

People's police force will be presented as professional bodies, carrying with on a regular basis, leading investigative and other activities associated with ensuring the interests of state and vigilantes troops serving in their spare time, and ensuring peace and order in their communities points, and autonomous communities.

Actions of the People's Self-Defense Forces and the People's Militia will not be directed against their own people, if we are talking about mass actions rather than individual thrusts separate criminal elements. Every mass discontent among the people should be eliminated council representatives on the basis of negotiations and the establishment of arrangements. During the settlement forces of the People's Self-Defense and the People's Militia will act solely as structures, public safety and performing peacekeeping stabilizing function.

Councils of People's Deputies and local government Novorossia

Primary authority in the area, a city that settlement, as well as in the framework of autonomy or community will be the House of Representatives or Deputies. The powers of local councils will be established by the people themselves, and will be limited to the extent of the future Constitution, adopted by the National Council of New Russia.

Local councils will be nominated from among its members a Chairman, who will form the executive authorities, after which they will be approved by the Council. In case of no approval process of the formation of the executive authorities will take into account the views of the Council.

Formed and approved by the administration to be accountable to local councils and higher governing bodies. All final decisions within the framework of the administration will be accepted and signed by the Chairman of the Board, for which he will be held personally responsible.

Questions relating to all residents of the area, autonomy, communities must be addressed at the general assemblies and decisions made ​​by vote.

Economic basis of local self-government will be the property and other assets that are not owned by the state and non-budget-for the whole of New Russia.

Constitution Novorossia

All laws, regulations and other documents regulating the lives, safety and economic activities in the territory of New Russia will be based on the Constitution of New Russia.

Changes and additions to the Constitution of New Russia will be carried out by a national referendum on the proposal of the National Council of New Russia.

*Notice, they are using the .su (Soviet Union) domain too.
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Post 05 Jul 2014, 15:04
I'd love for such to come to pass but things are not looking good for Anti Kiev forces right now.

Attacks on Civilians and Infrastructure.
Low Ammo stocks.
Western backing for Kiev.
Russian Federation Support is almost non existant.

It would be nice if Belarus helped them out but I have not heard any news that suggests they might.

Besides, it's highly likely that even if the Novo Russians survive as a State or move West that they might be co-opted by Moscow and the Socialist aspects of their aims could evaporate.

More overt Western intervention could happen too to sabotage any return to Soviet Methods.
"A shiny bauble from Capitalism is worthless when the cost is Children & the Elderly going hungry, The Infirm & Sick dying because of Greed & Education reduced to a token few to placate the masses with Illusions of freedom."
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Post 05 Jul 2014, 15:18
Could South Carolina and Arkansas rebuild the CSA?
Also in case you haven't heard Slavyansk fell today and Strelkov ( the commander of the rebel forces ) said they can hold out only for a week now.
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Post 05 Jul 2014, 15:40
It is a shame that Slaviansk fell, and I'm sure the anti-Kiev forces are feeling the push. Whether or not the Kiev forces can hold the captured cities is another question entirely.

Hopefully an insurgency like the forest brothers will take root and spread its ideology throughout Southern Ukraine, or hopefully some kind of incident will occur that will cause mass revolts in Southern Ukraine causing the National Guard to retreat its positions.

Poroshenko's comment that Ukraine would recapture "its lands" must certainly have insulted the people in the south.
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