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European Elections, May 2014

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Post 19 Mar 2014, 12:03
Before reading, watch this brilliant video to be convinced of the supreme importance of all this:

It's still going to be a while, but in two months, we'll be able to enjoy another "Festival of Democracy" (as the ongoing Dutch municipal election, with an expected turnout of 43%, is being labelled by all my wonderful petit-bourgeois Green Left Facebook buddies) for all of Europe. Well, for those European countries that have the privilege of being part of the EU, but let's not split hairs.

There is no particular message to this thread, but the way I envision it people can post whatever updates they want. Some talking points include the expected growth of far-right European parties and independents, up to 16-25%, which is significant, but still won't upset the balance in the European Parliament.

Another one is the attitude of the communist and far-left parties. The Party of the European Left has decided to endorse the blatant lie that the peoples in Europe have a say in the "election" of the President of the European Commission by organising a campaign for Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza. They endorse this silly idea that you can somehow conduct a presidential, personal political campaign for a position that politicians actually get appointed to by the European Council, "in consideration of the election results".

Similar campaigns are being conducted by the established bourgeois European parties, with Guy Verhofstadt for the liberals, Juncker for the conservatives, Martin Schulz for the social-democrats, etc. In other words: three different flavours of hardcore EU federalism. The three main "leading candidates" all have exactly the same opinions regarding Europe. Tsipras has decided to sign up as the Potemkin opposition, along with a Green anti-globalist variant (2001 called, they want their shit politics back). The Party of the European Left, and by extension Syriza and all the other parties participating in it, has once again shown that it aspires to be a part of this establishment, rather than being opposed to it. It speaks volumes of the European Left that they are falling behind the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists, which includes the British Tories and Eastern European conservative eurosceptics. This reactionary grouping at least has the decency not to validate this sham with a "leading candidate" of their own.

The repercussions in some countries are interesting. In Italy, after The Union, The Rainbow, Communist and Anticapitalist List, Federation of the Left, and Civil Revolution, 2014 sees yet another trainwreck of a leftist list, this time by the name of The Other Europe with Tsipras. In a top-down decision-making process, they decided on a coalition without any candidates from Italy's second communist party, the PdCI, a name that doesn't even include the word "left" anywhere, and a generic logo with no symbolism, just a red circle with the name of the list in white letters. It seems to be a vehicle for Tsipras's campaign and for the 71 leftist intellectuals supporting them, more than anything.

The Greek situation is also remarkable. Syriza wants to become the new "leftist" opposition as Pasok declines, but Pasok are now striking back with an "Olive Tree" coalition that includes some smaller social-democratic parties that recently split from them. More alarmingly, yet another coalition, "The River", combining "leftism", liberalism, and pro-EU positions, is gaining in the polls. More on this: ... ive-trees/
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