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Critique of Market Socialism

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Post 08 Feb 2014, 17:51
I found this interesting critique of market socialism by Matthijs Krul on the Kasama Project website. I just wanted to post it and see what the comrades here thought about it. ... -socialism
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Post 26 Feb 2014, 22:10
Quite frankly, I thought that the essay was too long, and complicated. And I did not get what it's point is. So I sort of just skimmed over it.But I would respond by posting this speech, by Fuwa Tetsuzo, the chair of the Japanese Communist Party, and also mention as a real world example of successful market socialism, the "goulash Communism" of Janos Kadar. According to this article, living conditions under the circumstances were good. So I think that as long as the people control the market, rather than the other way around, the economy can serve the needs of the people, and provide a decent standard of living.
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Post 27 Feb 2014, 08:49
Quite frankly, I thought that the essay was excellently written, and clearly stated what it's point was in a concise exposition. I read it with great interest.

Thank you, Piccolo for posting it. I agree with it entirely. Market is just appearance, it is fetishism, and going after it doesn't address the key aspect of capitalism which is the generation of value and estrangement.

I really like this part:
Private appropriation of surplus is not the central feature of capitalism, although this permits a capitalist class to exist independently in political terms. Rather, its central feature is coercing working people to work on means of production not held in common, means that are used for the purposes of accumulation for its own sake.

To this end, I highly recommend reading I. I. Rubin, who was very emphatic in this respect. Capitalist production is fetishized production; its end is more accumulation, and this is something that cannot be overcome from within the logic of capital. We are forever enslaved by it as long as the value form continues to exist. Also, since distribution depends on production, and the political on the economical, capitalism in it's neverending drive to expand will dissolve whatever artificial barriers are placed on it, or at least, resist steadfastly to being finally eliminated when the time comes. It's easy for a socialist measore to be relaxed in order to accomodate capital, but it's nigh impossible to do it the other way around.

Jason24. I think that you should have at least read the arguments involved instead of replying with a knee-jerk post of readymade arguments in favor of market socialism.

Still, I look forward to reading those links you provide. It's pretty late, and I don't want to address them after simply skimming them over. So I'll look into them tomorrow.

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Post 28 Feb 2014, 16:58
Very good reading. It has point out that in Soviet Union, they only socialized capital, not remove it out of production process. Even Stalin acknowlegded that value exists in Soviet economy and it must be reduced and eventualy removed. But Soviet economists disregarded the old man and still used value as the marker of economic development, instead of use-value.
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