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Define "Liberalism"

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Post 03 Mar 2012, 18:30
Based on the results of the last poll, I am just curious to hear how you guys would define "liberalism."
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Post 03 Mar 2012, 21:35
When speaking to commies, it usually means the bourgeois free market parliamentary democratic system.
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Post 03 Mar 2012, 21:55
Liberalism, I think, can most completely be defined as a promotion of negative liberty over all others. The best thing to a liberal is freedom from restriction, and it views the people under a government as self-interested, unrelated individuals who just happen to contract together. Because of this, they tend to promote individual rights over the rights of the whole. Private property usually being the prime freedom to be protected, the natural economic ideology of a liberal is laissez-faire capitalism.

In the US, the word "liberalism" has been twisted to refer to anyone who promotes civil libertarianism and centre-left economic policies. But this is ultimately wrong-headed, since both of the major parties are pretty much just as liberal as the other, just in different dimensions (republicans being "classical" economic liberals, and democrats being social liberals).

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Post 03 Mar 2012, 23:59
For me anything within Society/Politics/Culture that is unorthodox, has changed, different, or is opposite of belief or opinion at the time.
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Post 04 Mar 2012, 00:34
Trend. Lifestyle. Religion, or Tool. It has no real meaning anymore.
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Post 04 Mar 2012, 23:41
Neoprime666 wrote:
For me anything within Society/Politics/Culture that is unorthodox, has changed, different, or is opposite of belief or opinion at the time.

I disagree. The US is a liberal society. Liberalism is a distinct ideology that asserts hegemony over others to reinforce the status quo and social means of production. It places emphasis on "negative liberties" to create an illusion of moral superiority, which is then used to justify imperialism.

I think liberalism is the belief or opinion of the time.
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