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Soviet firearms arsenal

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Post 07 Apr 2013, 18:04
So, I might have obtained a Soviet Nagant revolver, non matching numbers, with a clean (but with a slight barrel bulge) bore. The receiver was made in 1937 and has no importation marks whatsoever. The finish is...well, it's seen better days but teases at what it might have seen in it's history. It could have killed fascists on the front lines, used by the NKVD to motivate soldiers to not turn away, or it could have been used by some railroad officer since the day it left the Tula factory. Who knows.

Regardless, it's in great shape and only needs a little work on the cylinder star to repair a damaged tooth (it is broken and refuses to cycle).

What arms does SE have at their disposal that are of Soviet origin? (not sure if this should go to Red Army, but I thought it more appropriate here)
Post 08 Apr 2013, 06:13
Sadly none, but once I have more money than sense again, I'd love an SKS.
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