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Combat rations of the Red Army in WW2?

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Post 22 May 2006, 00:33
As some of you may know, the American Amy were issued C-Rations during the war, and eventually MRE's today. I'm wondering what kind of Combat Rations were distributed along the Red Army in WW2. Any info/pics would be great.
Post 22 May 2006, 14:38
There were special norms set for each year and each type of soldier of the Red Army.

Here you can see the norms, in grams, for 1934, 1935, may and september 1941 (changed due to wartime). With corresponding orders.

You can use babelfish to translate the pages, the lexicon is pretty simple.

Post 22 May 2012, 01:25
Crap. (just joking, but close) mostly porridge and tea for breakfast, and I don't know what they ate after that. I forgot, but I read it somewhere.
American MRE's are mostly pig shit. I know because as a Royal Canadian Army Cadet that's mostly what we eat when on duty. Some of it is OK, but homemade is definitely WAY better. The two daqngers of IMP's:
-You can get food poisining by the Hash Browns and Bacon.
-The omlettes explode when ignited.
Post 28 May 2012, 20:18
when my father was in JLA he had nothing good to say about the rations. still better than what my grandfather had to eat when he was in the partisans (which is to say nothing apart from some bread every now and then).
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