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Hipster Racism

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Post 09 May 2012, 21:58

Things I didn't know were racist: acoustic covers of hip hop songs, saying "thug life" if you are white, going to an IHOP if you are white, making fun of white people if you are white.

This article really bothers me because it basically categorizes certain behaviors, cultural objects, and places as being "white" or "black," and then reprimands white people from transgressing the prescribed realm of their race. What do you think? Does "hipster racism" exist?
Post 09 May 2012, 22:15
I didn't think anyone BUT white people went to IHOP ?
Post 09 May 2012, 22:16
What is IHOP??
Post 09 May 2012, 22:20
international house of pancakes. It's a diner sort of deal. Might be just a US thing
Post 10 May 2012, 00:14
This article is in itself racist.

1. "Tee-Hee, Aren't I Adorable?"
This category includes things like wide-eyed acoustic covers of hip-hop songs, suburban white girls flashing gang signs, and this Tweet from Zooey Deschanel: "Haha.
RT @Sarabareilles: Home from tour and first things first: New Girl episodes I missed. #thuglife."

This implies that only non-whites are thugs, only non-whites write hip hop songs (or cover them on guitar), and only non-whites are in criminal gangs.

2. "Recreational Slumming."
Wherein privileged people descend for a visit inside the strange, foreign spaces of othered groups. Like, I don't know, IHOP. Or that "scary" bar in the south end. Then they go home again. Catchphrase: "It's soooooo ghetto, but I actually totally like it!"

Or when people just go on holiday to another country? If I go to Chinatown am I suddenly a racist? This article seems to want to enforce racial segregation by saying it's "racist" to go to a part of town with a large number of ethnic minorities.

3. "Ummm, I'm a Writer and I'm Trying to Write in Here!"
This is Lesley Arfin crowing about the majestic power of the n-word, and white kids whining that it's "unfair" that black people "get" to use "it". You know, because words are powerful and words are Arfin's craft and would you take the color red away from the best painter on Twitter???

Offense is subjective. Nothing is inherently offensive and everything has the potential to be offensive. This article implies that all black people are automatically offended by the word "nigger" no matter what context it is being used in (provided a non-black person is saying it).

"So I'm not allowed to have a genuine interest in another culture?!!?!??!"
First of all, privileged dickweeds wearing Urban Outfitters "Navajo" panties, I didn't realize that you excavated those in your anthropological field work. My bad. Carry on. And second of all, again, you "can" do whatever the frag you want. You "can" wear whatever you want, say whatever you want, and think whatever you want about whatever you want. All the time! Yaaay! But if a group of people comes to you and says, "This thing that you are doing is hurting us," and you keep doing it for fun, then you are a dickweed! Like, you know we had an actual genocide here, right? A deliberate extermination of human beings? Right where your house is? So maybe just err on the side of sensitivity.

Seems like the author is telling people not to wear clothes that "belong" to a different ethnicity. Apparently every time I wear an anorak when it rains I am being racist towards Inuit people.
Post 10 May 2012, 00:58
Hell yeah. Hipsters are some of the most racist people I've ever met. They're just more polite about it. If you're not white, that is.
Post 10 May 2012, 01:06
This article is a classic example of hipsters bitching about other hispters for things they do themselves. I also agree with indigo that racism is pervasive among hipsters, and I'd say Americans in general.
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