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Beria - Great Organizer

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Post 12 May 2009, 05:58

Northstar Compass April 2009

Produced by anti-communism and anti-bolshevism reigning now in Russia for the last many scores of years as a “murderer” and a “bloodthirsty” individual – this description has stuck on the character of Lavrenti Beria.

As a young man, Beria dreamt of building new cities, but history has put him next to Stalin as a builder with Stalin of the mighty USSR. He started the building of the new Tbilisi and flowering Georgia, and as the head of internal affairs of USSR he established law and order. His secret service organization was able to forewarn Stalin and the CC-CPSU of the coming conflict with Germany. It was Beria, under the guidance of Stalin that put into effect the defense plan for Moscow and his tactical plan was successful in saving the Caucasus from complete domination and exploitation by the German Nazi invaders. After the war, under his guidance the defense capability and atomic development and rocket and missile production was his work. Even his enemies considered him as “the best manager of the 20 Century!”

Only a person of such caliber and dedication was able to become the right-hand man next to Stalin and struggle against the external and internal enemies who were working to undermine and destroy the Soviet Union, History has proven Stain and Beria were correct to struggle against these internal enemies that were supported by the West!

Stalin did all that could be done and what the CC CPSU Politburo decided and wanted. The most bitter enemy of the Soviet Union and Communism, Winston Churchill said it all in as few words that will remain in the history books forever – after the names of all the enemies are long forgotten: “Stalin inherited Russia with a horse and a plow and left it with an Atom Bomb!”

Stalin was not able to place a person who he knew would follow in his footsteps and who he knew was capable to lead the country towards Communism. Even though Stalin put in place the defense capability of the Motherland and capable to defend itself against the enemies who were organizing the Cold War and though Stalin put into place the economic and political future plans of the USSR, which were discussed and adopted in 1952 at the XIX Congress. Stalin proposed cardinal many cardinal changes in leadership in all aspects of the USSR Government and the CPSU. At the end of February 1953, Stalin also proposed that the former Secretary of the CC-CPSU of Byelorussia, P. K. Ponomarenko to be the new Chairman of the Soviet Council of Ministers. This proposal by Stalin was adopted unanimously and the document was signed by all those that needed to sign this important election. Unfortunately on Mach 1st Stalin died (or as it is now very evident, that he was murdered. – Editor)

From that moment on, the dismemberment of the USSR started and is going on until now. The murderers are those who were and are now in power in former USSR.

Beria would have faithfully followed in Stalin’s footsteps and policies in building a Communist society. That is why Krushchev, the partyapparatchiks, revisionists, Gorbachev, Yejtsin’s “democrats” and the present plutocrats did not like Stalin or Beria, but despise Socialism and Bolshevism!

Let’s just give one cardinal example of the cooperation and the same thinking of Stalin and Beria, who was in charge of the defense and armament development industry of the USSR.

This question of the development of defense armaments by the Soviet industrial complex was of outmost importance. This was the question of life or death for the USSR and Soviet people. Already in 1949 when the first Soviet Atomic bomb was tested, Stalin on that occasion said: “If we were late in developing this atomic bomb as a deterrent against attack on us by the Western powers, it would have been tested on us by the Western capitalist powers.”

It is a fact – proven by opened up American documents that there was a plan already in 1945 under a plan called “Totality” that the US was to drop 20 atomic bombs on 17 Soviet cities – Moscow, Leningrad, Gorky Baku, Tbilisi and others all across the Soviet Union.

During the heyday of the Cold War, at the end of 1948, the US planned another strike under the code-name “Sizzle” to drop 1333 atomic bombs on 70 Soviet cities.

Beria and his security apparatus saved the USSR from these imperialist plans. And the enemies call him a murderer, a foreign agent, a depraved maniac and these Soviet enemies even lie that Beria killed Stalin!?

Life itself shows us that capitalism is a dying system and the new birth is socialism.

Ending this article, I would like to repeat the words of the leader of the Communists of Georgia, General P.I. Georga be also reborn!
Post 09 Aug 2009, 08:34
The primary reason some believe Beria killed Stalin is because Molotov claimed he boasted of doing it.
Post 09 Aug 2009, 16:42
The primary reason some believe Beria killed Stalin is because Molotov claimed he boasted of doing it.

Now I don't know much in detail of soviet history, but wasn't there a big qualm between Molotov and Stalin?
Post 09 Aug 2009, 16:43
At the end of Stalin's life, yes. Before that, they were like best friends.
Post 09 Aug 2009, 16:59
From what I understand, Beria and Stalin got on well mostly. I don't think he would have tried to assassinate Stalin.
Post 09 Aug 2009, 18:59
I think a lot of the "Beria was a good Marxist-Leninist" ideas come from people who are just incredibly anti-Khrushchev. Sure, I don't believe Beria rode around in a car, picking up little girls to rape them, as Khrushchev charged him with, but that doesn't mean he was a good Marxist-Leninist, or even a faithful devotee to policies pursued under Stalin during his 100 days. It doesn't even mean he was better than Khrushchev.

Frankly, they all kinda sucked. It's not like any of them made a huge fuss about Khrushchev's secret speech. I personally think Molotov or Kaganovich would have made the best choices, though I'm not convinced Beria would have been better than Khrushchev.
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