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Let's Discuss Cuban (non-gusano) Pop Stars

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Post 14 Oct 2005, 05:54
Silvio Rodriguez
The cuban pop star and CCP member. Leading member of "Nueva Trova" school. He is good. really good. really really really really good. Where can I get mp3s of "playa giron" (bay of pigs), "Cuba va", "Comandante", "Un Hombre Se Levante"....?
Carlos Puebla
old skool folk singer. Also good. He wrote "Comandante".
Pablo Milanes
out gay Cuban singer. Don't know much about him, but he has nice lyrics from what I can tell.
Ibrahim Ferrer
way cool, but kind of
zzzzzz. Too many gringos played him out!

Can't recall any female singers right now....
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