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Travel in the USSR

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Post 03 Aug 2004, 05:15
If you wanted to travel to other parts of the country was the transportation free ? If not so how much would it cost say to go on the trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Vladistok ? and where you allowed to leave anytime you have off or did you need specol promision from the government ?
Post 03 Aug 2004, 09:38
An internal passport was required to travel. When a citizen was in a city, they had to register with the authorities.
Post 03 Aug 2004, 17:26
The vacations however were longer than American ones. You had maybe 25 days off or a month a year of vacation. During this vacation you could go anywhere in Russia and since its such a big and interesting country you didnt heave to leave it to see something interesting. Something for everyone Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Caucasus mountains for skiing and other activities, Moscow/Leningrad/Novgorod for historical tours.
Post 06 Sep 2004, 03:41
Travels were mostly free, provided by government.

Non-government travels were very cheap, dirt cheap, MUCH cheaper than in West.

Passports, IDs and papers didn't interfere with travels at all (unless you are criminal fugitive, who is target of all-Union hunt).
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