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T-100 Heavy Tank

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Post 28 Apr 2004, 18:38
T-100 Heavy Tank

The T-100 was a prototype heavy tank assembled in 1938 and tested in the invasion of Finland in 1939. Although it was never put into production because the roll of heavy tank was filled by the KV-series it is nevertheless an interesting design.


Crew: 6
Weight: 58 Tons
Length: 8.38 m
Width: 3.4 m
Height: 3.42 m
Max speed (on road): 36 km/h
Engine: petrol 4-stroke, 12 cylinder (V),
type GAM-34BT, water cooled
(850 hp)
Power-to-weight ratio: 14 hp/ton
Range: road: 200 km
cross-country: 120 km
Vertical obstacle climb: 1.2-1.3 m
Gradient: 46.7 %
Trench crossing: 4.0 m
Fording Depth: 1.0-1.2 m
Main armament: 76.2mm type L-11 gun (center turret)
45mm gun (forward turret)
Secondary armament: 2 × 7.62mm DT machineguns

Weapon specifications

Ammunition carried
76.2mm type L-11 gun: 120 rounds
45mm gun: 393 rounds
2 × 7.62mm DT machineguns: 4284 rounds



(421 × 175)[/url]
This is an early version of the T-100, as can be seen from the 76.2mm L/10 gun in the main turret instead of the longer L/11 gun. Also the main turret does not have a rear-facing machinegun.


(393 × 255)[/url]
Judging by the dents on the front of the hull I would guess this picture was taken during, or just after the invasion of Finland. The T-100 prototype survived 21 hits from 37 mm and 40 mm anti-tank projectiles.

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