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Venezuelan Bolivarian Navy operations (since 1999)

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Post 29 Oct 2018, 12:10
During the Cold War, Venezuela was one of the many US-backed oppressive goverment with widespread political repression and killing of opponents.
Since 1999 it begun a political process, named the “Bolivarian Revolution”, after the leadership of President Hugo Chávez.
It is important to stress how de jure, Venezuela is not a socialist-oriented country but rather a multi-party country with elected government aiming for socialist reforms.
However, since a de facto ongoing government (fully backed by the Communist Party), the Bolivarian Navy of Venezuela can be included in this comprehensive series of articles over socialist-oriented countries’ navies.

While surviving a US-backed coup d’état in 2002, the right-wing political minority (while retaining the right of vote) engaged in a violent political campaign against the government because the loss of privileges due the socialist-oriented reforms. In recent years the downfall of oil prices provoked an economy crisis in Venezuela and this was exploited by the right-wing parties with wide international backing to cause the downfall of the Bolivarian Revolution. This involved also episodes of armed opposition and terrorism, quickly eliminated by the Armed forces and the Bolivarian Militia.

Since 2017, the newly elected Constituent Assembly declared the prospective to work on the Venezuela Constitution (and this is likely to be strengthened after the victory at 2018 election).
While clearly the new draft of constitution will not declare Venezuela a communist one-party state, it is likely the new constitution will contain references to socialism.


Currently there is no known naval incident related to the Venezuelan Navy against neighbor countries, insurgencies or drug traffickers!

HELP from readers with knowledge (possessing potential information’s) of the area is very welcome!

The current Bolivarian Navy of Venezuela inherited from the Cold War a number of western-designed warships including 6 (three currently kept in reserve) Italian-built frigates and 2 German-built frigates.
With the Bolivarian Revolution, the Navy upgraded with 4 Spanish-built corvettes (rated “Oceanic Patrol vessels”) and three large patrol ships.

Photo of corvette (Oceanic patrol vessel) PC-21 Guaiquerí

Interestingly all these new ships bear names of Native Indio tribes, but the fourth unfinished large patrol ship built in Venezuela (begun sea trials in 2018) was renamed “Comandante Eterno Hugo Chávez”

Also the Navy ordered from local Cuban shipyard the production of a series of landing crafts/Auxiliary vessels ( “Los Frailes” class)
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