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Cheburashka (animation)

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Post 21 Oct 2013, 20:42
What do you guys think of Cheburashka, the Soviet children's book and animation character? I have watched some of the animated films on YouTube and they were pretty funny. I thought they were also very well-animated. Stop-motion animation is very demanding and expensive and I was impressed by the quality of the animation in these films, especially Gena the Crocodile.

Also, I noticed there were some satirical jokes about life in the USSR. I remember in one film a polluting factory is managed by a fellow with really long legs. When Cheburashka and Gena complain about the pollution, he merely redirects the pipeline that is spewing the muck! I was surprised by this self-critical attitude in a children's animation, of all places. Of course, there were also positive messages about helping people and the Pioneers were shown in a very positive light as well.
Post 02 Nov 2013, 21:29
Very well written!
Post 05 Apr 2015, 03:44
They made some new ones. Not like the old ones but I enjoyed them. I believe they where made in Japan, the Japanese seem to have fallen in love with Cheburashka.
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