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The Dark Side of the Moon Russian adaptation of the BBC TV S

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Post 06 Apr 2013, 07:48
I heard about this recently and am curious as to whether any of you my fellow S.E.ers have seen it and what you thought of it?

It features the same Time Travel theme as the British TV Show Life on Mars but apparently inverts the situation of the protagonist sent back to the past eg the British Policeman was a relatively P.C. Officer sent to an Era of more obvious corruption, brutality, sexism and racism wheras the Russian Policeman is from a highly corrupt and brutal Era sent back to the more peaceful and stable Era of the USSR's existence.

Im also interested in if the depiction of the USSR is evenhanded in the programme or if it instead tries to lionize or demonise it.
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Post 06 Apr 2013, 12:17
Where's the IMDB link?
Post 06 Apr 2013, 14:29
Whats IMDB?
Post 06 Apr 2013, 19:00
omnimercurial wrote:
Whats IMDB?

Internet Movie Data Base, a repository of sorts for film and television. It used to allow free access to info on up coming movies, but now it is a paid 'service'.
Post 06 Apr 2013, 20:58
Thanks for the info.

I dont have anything regarding IMDB but I will post a few othe.r links instead.
Post 06 Apr 2013, 21:21
Post 07 Apr 2013, 00:38
There was an American version of the show which wasn't very good but this sounds pretty interesting. I couldn't see any IMDB articles (apart from this), but I found a BBC blog article about it here:
Russia’s version of Life on Mars is a huge hit
Post 07 Apr 2013, 03:39
Is there a way to watch the russian version with subtitles ?
Post 07 Apr 2013, 21:12
Thanks for the link Shigalyov ^_^

Agreed a subtitled version would be good.

I wonder if a fansubbing group like Commiesubs have taken a crack at translating it?

Maybe the BBC might shove it on BBC four at some point with subtitles like the excellent series set in Sicily (Montalbano) ?
Post 19 May 2013, 14:25
The series is good in general, mainly for showing the reality that
a) people lived normal, peaceful, generally happy lives in the Soviet period
b) the oft-gruesome crimes that take place as a result of plot events are considered shocking to the Soviet police officers who aren't used to dealing with things like rape, murder, and similar violent crime.

Still, there are some things that turn one off from the show, mostly things said or done by the main character, who is the time traveler going back to the past. First of all, in a coincidence, he meets with Gorbachev, and instead of taking him out back into an alley somewhere (which by the way is what some viewers talked about when discussing the series and this scene in particular) he told him "to have the courage to take his reforms to their conclusion". Another stupid thing he says, when confronted by what eventually becomes his love interest, is that "our children will live better than we do". There is another occasion that kind of softens everything by reminding the viewer that these are just the main character's personal views and opinions: He's talking to a football fanatic, and tells him in drunken conversation that one day football players will all be making millions of dollars, driving fancy cars, sleeping with gorgeous women, etc. The fanatic looks up and says, "And what about the football? It's not a career, it's a passion, a way of life." This scene kind of reminds you that the worldview of the main character was formed in the 1990s, while the people he's talking to are from another time, with different values and a different collective worldview.
Post 30 May 2013, 13:52
Thanks for the Info Soviet 78! Much appreciated!

Do you know if the show has been popular or well received in Russia?

Yeah, a back alley resolution sounds more appropriate.

Were the viewer discussions re Gorbachev on an English forum or Russian language forum? Or non internet? I wouldnt mind checking them out if possible.

Did you see every episode?

Is it a single series show or is there a series 2 complete or planned?

Do you know if there are any other Russian TV shows or Movies with Soviet Era Time Travel themes?
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