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Ivan the Terrible (part 1) subtitles

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Post 05 Feb 2013, 04:18
I ordered Ivan the Terrible part 1 and 2 off Amazon a few months ago and I've been having a bit of trouble reading the subtitles. They're blurry, making it so you have to pause to make sense of it, and it's really hard to make out some words as the white backgrounds makes parts to the lines completely unreadable. It's starting to seem as if this is a problem with every copy of the film as I've downloaded a couple of versions of it off piratebay and they suffer the same problems. I've tried downloading separate subtitle files and opening them with the video file in VLC. These subtitles are completely readable but the ones I've tried were out of sync with what was happening in the movie.

To be honest, I have no idea what help I expect from you guys (if I even get a response). It would be nice to know if there are others who've come across this issue and also if anyone has a link to working subtitles.

Just thought of another question: Is it possible to watch part 2 first? Would I be missing out? I haven't even tested to see if there are issues with part 2.
Post 05 Feb 2013, 20:58
Use BSplayer, it automatically shows you the list of subtitles available for the movie you're watching, you just have to find the right version according to the title.
Never had a problem with it.
Or you could synchronize the subtitles yourself, it's not that hard to do. Google how to synchronize them on VLC player.

I recently watched Ivan Grozny, but didn't like it very much.
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