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Capturing hearts and minds today

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Post 09 Jan 2020, 16:45
I thought it might be worthwhile to discuss this matter, which seems like a pressing matter for this current generation.

In the 20th century, economic dislocations and the usual alienation and exploitation in the capitalist system almost naturally boosted communist and socialist parties and vanguards, whether revolutionary or not. Of course, this was possible due to the presence of strong mass organizations. Today, it seems that the right has seized that initiative over the past decade of economic dislocation, and the left has been struggling to stay afloat. The recent disaster in the UK elections and the crashing of the so-called Red Wall really brought home the point, only to be further reinforced by Evo Morales' eviction from public office in Bolivia. Luckily Cuba holds strong, and Venezuela manages to survive, but any stripes of the political left in many countries are compromised, discredited, or devoid of any organizational base to be a serious challenge.

Any ideas on how communist movements should adapt, or any noteworthy organizational successes that can be emulated?
Post 10 Jan 2020, 18:42
Marshal Konev wrote:
Any ideas on how communist movements should adapt . . . ?

One of my biggest regrets is that I have never had enough time to sufficiently read up on all the different leftists strands out there and so was never really able to figure out a 'one fits all' economic and political system; but that's also probably because a 'one fits all' system doesn't take into account the differences that exist between the regions of our world economically, culturally, and geographically.

I am however liking what I'm seeing come out of branches such as Libertarian Marxism recently. It's exactly like you wrote in the title of this thread, basically capturing hearts and minds, and these days I think the left needs to take a more anti-authoritarian stance and promote the idea that the left will not infringe upon individual liberties; not only social liberties but also the freedom to invest in new ideas without becoming monopolistic or exploitative.

I also think that the left should be doing more to create cooperatives that practice socialism within the prevailing capitalist system, as in cooperatives whereby everyone who works within that company is a shareholder.

The left also must do its best to end the dominance of the American dollar over international finance. It strangles leftist movements left and right through sanctions. Leftists need an international movement that can finance the cooperatives I spoke about throughout the world, independent of international banks and the American dollar. Digital currencies might point us in the right direction.

Marshal Konev wrote:
...any noteworthy organizational successes that can be emulated?
Mondragon Corporation

A debate that might provide some food for thought: Capitalism vs. Socialism with Professor Richard Wolff.
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