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Foundation of the Party of Labour of Austria

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Post 03 Oct 2013, 11:31
Refoundation in Austria: Basic Documents


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Editors' Note: As US Communists refound their own party, it makes a great deal of sense to study the experience of other countries.
Information on the Foundation of the Party of Labour of Austria

The founding congress of the Party of Labour of Austria [Partei der Arbeit Österreichs, PdA] will take place on October 12, 2013 in Vienna.

With this congress a revolutionary party of the Austrian working class will exist again. A party firmly grounded on Marxism-Leninism, class struggle, proletarian internationalism and anti-imperialism.

In the draft party constitution it says: “The PdA is a revolutionary party of the Austrian working class and the popular strata that are oppressed by capitalism and imperialism. The PdA advocates and defends the interests of the working population. The PdA strives for the overthrow of capitalism, for the construction of socialism and the realization of a classless society. The PdA takes a stand for peace, democracy, social and ecological progress, and the right of national self-determination.”
The process of the party foundation developed in various phases: As early as 2005 the Communist Initiative [Kommunistische Initiative Österreich, KI] was founded. This served as a collective movement comprising the Marxist-Leninist forces that could no longer be active in the so-called Communist Party of Austria [Kommunistische Partei Österreich, KPÖ] due to its revisionist and postmodern development.
Since then many previously unorganized people and people from other progressive organizations, including former social democrats, have been drawn towards the KI. At the same time the KI developed close cooperation with the Communist Youth of Austria [Kommunistische Jugend Österreichs, KJÖ], the Communist Student Association [Kommunistischer StudentInnenverband, KSV] as well as migrant and minority organizations.
In 2009 the trade union alliance Communist Trade Union Initiative – International [Kommunistische Gewerkschaftsinitiative – International, KOMintern] was founded and won a seat in the Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer) – the official representative body of Austrian employees – at the first attempt.

Based on these positive developments, over the last two years people from the above- mentioned organizations have initiated concrete steps towards the construction of a revolutionary party on the initiative of KI members. These included organizational, structural, strategic, theoretical, and fundamental practical steps.

In February 2013 the Party of Labour was officially registered at the Austrian Interior Ministry, so that it already exists from a judicial point of view. In almost all regions of Austria local and regional committees have been established which are building the foundation for the organizations of the party.

An elected founding committee will serve as the provisional central committee until the first party congress this year. Outlines of the foundation document, the draft of a party programme and the party constitution have been worked out and discussed. These documents will be presented to the party congress for approval. Last but not least, the party has started the process of admitting members.

Among the membership of the PdA – and this is already clear – will be a large number of active or former works council members, active and former representatives of the Chamber of Labour, representatives of various bodies of the Austrian Trade Union Federation [Österreichischer Gewerkschafsbund, ÖGB], former members, functionaries, officials and municipal council members of the Social Democratic Party [Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs, SPÖ], former members, functionaries and officials of the KPÖ, former members, functionaries and officials of the Socialist Youth of Austria [Sozialistische Jugend Österreichs, SJÖ], former members, functionaries and officials of other social-democratic organizations as well as members, functionaries and officials of the KJÖ, the KSV and, of course, the KI.

With its founding congress the PdA membership will already exhibit quantitative and qualitative breadth and excellence shaped by fundamental political experience, and – also worth mentioning – will have a young average age.

The essential task – education, mobilization and organization of relevant parts of the working class – is by far the greater challenge, but it will be possible to meet on the basis of the existing fundamentals. It is certain that the PdA will find its place among the class by unyieldingly and sincerely participating in the struggles ahead.

The PdA is also ready to take its place internationally. In this regard the outline of the party constitution emphasizes: “The PdA is a party of proletarian internationalism. The PdA views itself as a part of the international workers' movement and the collective of communist and workers’ parties.” Based on these principles and in accordance with proletarian internationalism and international solidarity we are hoping to strengthen and expand the international ties of the PdA in the course of time.

Statement by the provisional Central Committee of the PdA, Vienna, July 2013

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