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Post 16 Feb 2013, 06:21
Slowly Communism is spreading in the government and rebels are taking over my homeland of India. Could India become a Socialist or Communist nation? Would it thrive economically and reach full communism? Discuss that or whatever else you would like to about a communism in India.

चलो हमें नई दिल्ली कामरेड मार्च!

let us march to New Delhi comrades!
Post 17 Feb 2013, 21:09
Well, it's certainly possible, even more so since western economic imperialism is slowly but surely taking over the land. I imagine that this has created quite a few revolutionaries over the years.

I respect the Naxalites and what they do and I wish them luck in their future endeavors, however, I would like to see them prove that they're capable of critical thought past terrorism, ie organizing the working class and formulating ideas important to the success of a socialist state.
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