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Die Linke's program

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Post 31 Oct 2011, 10:06
Well, against all the doomsayers, a whopping 96% of delegates approved Die Linke's new program, averting a split between pragmatists and leftists, but, as I understand it, a lot of the more sensitive issues were not tackled at all or simply annexed as "themes" without debate.

The skinny of the program is the following:
(You'll forgive the lack of a direct link, but I get my news in Spanish)

-Wants to nationalize banks and energy companies.

-Raising taxes on inheritance, trust benefits and high income.

- 30 hour work wek

-Minimum wage that is 60% of the average wage.

- Abolishing NATO and ending combat operations in the German army.

- It DOES NOT ask for the abolishing of overseas operations of the military (to leave the window open for humanitarian missions, supposedly).

- Upholds "Israel's right to exist" and acknowledges the historic burden of Germany with Jews.

- Supports a two-state solution and recognition of Palestine.


I must say, that with just that very superficial reading, it doesn't sound bad at all. As Lenin I think stated, all labor parties will contain a revolutionary and a reformist wing, and only the circumstances of class struggle will show them clearly. I think this implies that you have to inevitably work with these elements, as they are simply the cost of spreading your base and reaching out to the masses (and avoid becoming an irrelevant ultra-left party). The trick is doing that, AND avoid becoming a bourgeois party.
Post 31 Oct 2011, 11:13
Die Linke says lots of stuff that sounds cool. They've also said they want to legalize all drugs and provide free public transportation for all.
Post 31 Oct 2011, 17:14
Full programme here in German. Google Translate appears readable.
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