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AKM - Vanguard of Red Youth

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Post 26 Sep 2010, 05:38

Vanguard of Red Youth (Russian: Авангард красной молодёжи or Avangard Krasnoi Molodyozhi (AKM)), is a radical Russian communist youth group. Its website describes it as an "independent youth organization, entering the all-Russian public political motion." Its "territory of action" is Russia, which it insists is still the heart and soul of "the republic of the USSR." The AKM's ideology is Marxism-Leninism.

Does anybody here know anything about this group? The Wiki page really doesn't say a whole lot after this. There's something on there about how they picked their name to make the acronym be the same as the assault rifle, their use of military terminology, and their supposed preference for direct action.

They have a website in Russian, but I've only started studying the language, so my comprehension level is like... almost nothing.
Post 26 Sep 2010, 06:13
TRL knows a lot about them iirc. As far as I know they're the real revolutionary communists in modern Russia. Opposed to the nationalist and semi-reactionary CPRF.
Post 26 Sep 2010, 08:09
Like the NBP, they're one of the more balsy protest groups in Russia and often protest together with other groups. In terms of making any genuine progress towards rebuilding Socialism in Russia, I don't know if they're very effective though.
Post 27 Sep 2010, 11:03
This wiki article became obsolete. Actually AKM doesn't exist now: in 2008 year AKM formed the new wide coalition organization - "Left Front" ("Levyj Front"). Many regional organizations of AKM became bases for this new left coalition.

Nevertheless some regional organizations of AKM (for exemple, Novosibirsk) opposed the liquidation of organization. These activists continue to support the official web site of the AKM.

Actually AKM (and now Left Front) prefers the direct action to organization of the working movement. This becomes similar them to NBP. Unlike the AKM, other organizations (for example, Revolutionary Communist Youth League - RCYL(b)) suppose that direct actions without support of the working class is nothing .
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Post 27 Sep 2010, 19:11
Basically what Dagoth said. I believe TRL was part of them at one point and had incidents where he beat up police officers or something. He also said that if he were to return to Russia he could be tried.
Post 28 Sep 2010, 18:55
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Post 29 Sep 2010, 04:46
attacking admins will get you banned eventually.

but for now..

Post 17 Dec 2010, 12:15
Yep I worked with the AKM now the Left fron or Red Front at one point. Maoists really. I had some good laughs with them. They are much more marxist than the NBP who are confused to say the leaste. Any questions?
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