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I hate the German radical left.

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Post 21 Apr 2010, 01:25
The German radical left is facing a split. Why? Because of a song. Because of one fragging song.

As some of you know, the German left is plagued by some subhuman bastards who call themselves communist but actually support imperialism (viewtopic.php?f=108&t=45255). This is bad enough in itself, but now the anti-imperialist left is threatened by a split because of opposition to these idiots.

In March, German communist rapper MaKss Damage released an album called "MaKssismus 2010" (a pun on "Marxismus"/Marxism). This album featured the track "Antideutsche Hurensöhne", that is, "Anti-German sons of bitches". Not very eloquent, of course. And since this album was released, the German radical left has had nothing better to do than bitching about this song. People have been beaten up by their own comrades for defending MaKss Damage, and people have been beaten up for insulting him. People have begun calling themselves "MaKssists" in order to distance themselves from Anarchist "vegan fagg0ts" who are offended by his lyrics, and whom they perceive as being counter-revolutionary.

This split probably shows the big divide that the German radical left has been denying for decades. One one hand, we have anti-authoritarian "vegan fagg0t" hippies, and on the other hand we have hardcore Stalin-loving Marxist-Leninists. And now, because of one song, this divide has been reveiled.

In order to elucidate this, here's the lyrics of the song (

Tötet diese Antideutschen Hurensöhne, Hurensöhne! (Kill these anti-German son of bitches, sons of bitches!)
Tötet diese Antideutschen Hurensöhne, Hurensöhne! (Kill these anti-German son of bitches, sons of bitches!)

Part 1:
Wir tätowiern euch Hakenkreuze im Schlaf, (We'll tattoo you swastikas while you're sleeping)
Sodass am nächsten Tag ihr endlich eure wahre Bedeutung erahnt, (So you finally understand your true meaning on the next day)
Wisst was ihr seid, wisst was ihr wollt, (So that you know what you are, know what you want)
ihr wollt ein Volk über dem Andern, (You want one nation above the other)
Wie früher der Führer es kannte (Just like the Führer thought)
Ihr seit das letzte was man links nennt (You're the last thing they call left-wing)
Ich würde eher Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler (I'd rather call Hitler, Himmler)
und Ernst Röhm als euch links nennen (or Röhm left-wing)
An euern Händen klebt mehr Blut als an mein Schuhen (There's more blood on your hands than on my shoes)
Wenn wir euch platttreten wie Kids Kippen auf Schulhöfen (When we stomp upon you like kids stomp on cigarette buts on schoolyards)
Antideutsche wer von euch ist über 30? (Anti-Germans, who of you is older than 30?)
Wer von euch liegt vom IQ her wirklich über 30? (Who of you has an IQ higher than 30?)
Wer von euch wird ausgerenzt und fühlt sich scheiße (Who of you is discriminated and feels shit)
Lässt seinen Frust beim bloggen raus, da seit ihr richtig fleißig (Try to relieve your frustration blogging, you're really good at that)
Euch ist sovieles heilig, mir aber nix, (So much is sacred to you, but not to me)
Ich geh mir schnell einen wixxen (I'm going to have a quick wank)
Und fick dann erst eure Mädchen dann eure Jungs, warte! (And then I'll first frag your girls, then your guys, wait!)
Ist das nich ein und das selbe bei euch Nazis? (Isn't that one and the same with you nazis?)
Ratet mal was auf euch wartet, das Gulag! (Guess what's waiting for you... the Gulag!)

Tötet diese Antideutschen Hurensöhne, Hurensöhne! (Kill these anti-German son of bitches, sons of bitches!)
Tötet diese Antideutschen Hurensöhne, Hurensöhne! (Kill these anti-German son of bitches, sons of bitches!)

Part 2:
Und ich hau sie mit dem Hammer tot (And I'll smash them with the hammer)
Trenn sie mit der Sichel durch (Split their bodies with the sickle)
Fick erst ihre Mädchen durch, (First I'll frag their girls)
is das nicht verwegen? (Isn't that bold?)
Fick dann ihre Jungs durch, (Then I'll frag their guys)
warte – ist das nicht ein und selbe bei denen? Eben! (Wait - isn't that one and the same with these people? Right!)
Die meisten Antideutschen laufen rum mit dunklen Brillen (Most anti-Germans wear dark glasses)
So als produzieren sie heimlich Kinderpornos in nem Hinterhof (Like they secretly produce child porn in a backyard)
bauen sich aus Lego n Molli, (They build molotovs from legos)
Glauben ihr Ego is bombig, (They think they're so~ awesome)
kaufen sich Hero am Kotti, (They buy heroin at the Kotti [Kottbusser Tor, a square in Berlin])
So wie Endi von Egotronic, (Like Endi of Egotronic [the most popular anti-German band])
Und was jetzt, man? wollt ihr mich anzeigen? (And what now, man? You wanna sue me?)
sowie die Bandbreite? Euch soll ich Angst zeigen (Like you sued die Bandbreite [A band that dared to criticize the official version of 9/11 and was subsequently ruined by anti-Germans]? I should show you what fear is)
Antideutsche kannten bis heute noch keine Angstfeinde (Until now, anti-Germans didn't fear their enemies)
Zeitenwende, ich handle das anders als die Bandbreite (The time has changed, I'm gonna deal with this another way than die Bandbreite)
Lasst uns im Takt bleiben (Let's remain in tact)
Ich halt'n Stalinplakat hoch, ihr kommt vorbei und kassiert alle von uns Backpfeifen (I'm holding a Stalin poster, you're coming at us and all of you get your faces slapped)
Kifferkids! Packt euer Pfefferspray weg, steckt Messer ein (Potheads, throw away your tear gas and take knives with you)
ich warn euch, nehmt den Rat an, ab heute wird's für euch besser sein (I'm warning you, listen to me, that's going to be better for you)

Tötet diese Antideutschen Hurensöhne, Hurensöhne! (Kill these anti-German son of bitches, sons of bitches!)
Tötet diese Antideutschen Hurensöhne, Hurensöhne! (Kill these anti-German son of bitches, sons of bitches!)

Part 3:
Lasst den Davidsstern brennen, brennen, (Let the star of David burn~)
lasst sie im Zionismus untergehen (Let them drown in their Zionism)
ihr könnt mir gerne mal einen blasen (I'd gladly let you blow me)
das wird für euch ein großes Unternehmen (That's going to be a demanding task)
Schickt eure Teenies ran, wie Hitler es tat, (Send us your teens like Hitler did)
Ihr seit Faschisten für uns, üben Jungs, üben! euch fehlt der Hitlerbart (You're fascists to us, try harder, guys, you need a Hitler beard)
es ist kein Scherz was ich sag (What I'm saying is not a joke)
Ihr seit faschistischer und weniger wert als Theodor Herzl es war (You're more fascist and less valuable than Theodore Herzl was)
Kann jeden Pali verstehen, der sich mit nen paar TNTs (I can understand every Pali who takes a few TNTs)
am Checkpoint “boooooom” um seine Ahnen zu sehen (and *boom* at the checkpoint to see his ancestors)
Verzweiflung pur, leistet den Schwur, einigt das Land (Pure desperation, swear the oath, unite the land)
verteidigt das Land, reicht euch die Hand Befreiungskampf, Palestine! (Defend the land, take each other's hand, war of liberation, Palestine!)

Now, this is of course an extremely provocative song. The majority of the German radical left (not only anti-Germans) now has nothing better on their minds than to write lengthy articles about how MaKss Damage is an anti-Semitic, sexist, racist, homophobic, nationalist nazi rapper, while the rest of them upholds him as a great Marxist-Leninist, who correctly criticizes the revisionist hippie fagg0try of the majority of the left. And because of these arguments, the whole radical left is splitting into two fractions that call each other stalinist assholes or vegan fagg0ts.

This is the most ridiculous shit that has ever happened to Germany's radical left, and I feel deeply ashamed for being a part of it. People who were the most loyal comrades for years now actively sabotage each other because of a fragging SONG. On the other hand, maybe that was necessary so we could finally get rid of stupid autonomist anarchist Israel-loving bitches. Meh.

What do you think about this?

(Also, in case you're wondering, I think the song is made of win, but I'd gladly work with people who think otherwise. Too sad nobody else is that tolerant.)
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Post 21 Apr 2010, 01:28
lol germans fail

they really can't find anything better to do?
Post 21 Apr 2010, 01:43
No, they can't. >_>
Post 21 Apr 2010, 03:27
Are you talking about that video I linked in TLCTE
Post 21 Apr 2010, 18:30

Are you saying that the whole German far left is being splitted by a song?

Way to be childish.
Post 21 Apr 2010, 18:40
Exactly. Today I've been threatened with physical violence because I might be involved in organizing a concert of this guy.
Post 21 Apr 2010, 18:50
That's weird. I've had troubles because of certain bands I like, but never from someone who isn't a (far) right-winger. Obviously, even less from a comrade. I mean, I do understand they're pissed off with that guy, but to split the German leftist movement and, worse, attack comrades because of that is amazingly stupid.

Anyway, it isn't common for this kind of childish behaviour to last too much, so it might be just matter of a few weeks before things start to get normal again. If it doesn't go this way, I'd begin to think that this is a lost generation for the German left.
Post 21 Apr 2010, 18:53
Aren't Anti-Germans some stupid pseudo-leftist group in Germany that are really easy to hate no matter what your views are?
Post 21 Apr 2010, 23:02
thats an awful sounding song. Seriously, who gave that guy a record deal? Immortal Technique and Sage Francis are so much better
Post 22 Apr 2010, 17:08
This is just over the edge:
Let the star of David burn

A rather nice,aggressive song(and i thought that most Germans listen to Tokio Hotel and such gayish crap)
Post 22 Apr 2010, 17:17
Seriously, wherever I go, people start questioning me about Tokio Hotel.

No, we do not. Also, Immortal Technique sucks. A lot. And that line is perfectly justifiable.
Post 22 Apr 2010, 17:57
Mabool wrote:
Seriously, wherever I go, people start questioning me about Tokio Hotel.

That's your fault for exporting such kind of shit. We (mainly) keep our crap music within our borders.
Post 22 Apr 2010, 22:46
Mabool wrote:
Also, Immortal Technique sucks. A lot. And that line is perfectly justifiable.

Only if your a counter-revolutionary. IT is hellza ballza and way better than 90% of that german shit you post. Certain music genres only work in certain languages. German is not a rap language just as much as japanese is not a metal language. Although I will admit that IT does seem to buy into 'truther' and conspiracy shit in general which is its own kind of bullshit. However he's pretty much one of the only socialist musicians popular enough to be relevant, which for america is really badass.
Post 24 Apr 2010, 06:59
Not hailing from the glorious ex-DDR myself, I can't really say how much of this "MaKss Damage" is satirical, or inflammatory for the purpose of creating a long-overdue dialog, but if the prevailing currents on the German left consist of

1) Rigid, ultra-conformist, assembly line Stalinism

2) its polar opposite, Hippie squatter/vegan/freakish "non-conformism"

and no alternatives in between, then this "Makss Damage" fellow is performing an invaluable service to the German scene simply by polarizing the two extremes, and thus (directly or indirectly) commenting on that very lack of a middle ground. Serious food for thought, I'd say.
Post 26 Apr 2010, 05:28
This is ridiculous! If one song can damage the German left so much, how can they possibly be a vanguard for the transformation to Socialism? The sad truth is that this kind of thing isn't limited to the German Left. Similar things have caused splits in many other Western Leftist groups. It's why they are so disorganised.
Post 29 Apr 2010, 20:26
Surely, the consequences of such a "split" (I've had the impression that both "sides/scenes" basically exist "besides" each other anyway) do not necessarily have to be negative. If people with similar views to the anti-Germans started organising in other countries, most of us would probably declare their opposition to it. There is simply no common ground, and there should be no illusion that we are somehow part of the same movement as them.

If there are real divides, it's probably for the best that they are out in the open. Of course, the fact that it had to be done through shitty music is typically German.
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