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What is the current weakest link in the chain?

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Post 17 Jun 2009, 04:58
Fellow Comrade wrote:
Some believe that Venezuela isn't on the path to Socialism because Chavez's government didn't come to power through a violent revolution. I urge caution on such a position. For one, I believe that a violent revolution may be coming, but that it won't be started by the proletariat. Rather, it will the Bourgeoisie which feels its position is increasingly threatened. Secondly, it seems quite clear that a revolutionary class conciousness is developing among the Venezuelan people. They should have our backing, just as they have Cuba's.

kind of like the French Revolution? I agree with you on that statement, the Bourgeoisie will revolt, hopefully only to be beaten by the Proletariat!

And I agree, Red Dawn is an atrocious movie lol
Post 01 Jul 2009, 00:36
IMO South Asia is easily the weakest link (I'm talking Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, you guys know all about what's happened in Nepal I'm sure) rapid economic growth, an explosion in the urban population, a broad section of the economy is industrial and labor intensive, and there's an enormous gap between rich and poor. Plus, the Communists are pretty popular among the poor (India has about a million Communist Parties and the CPI(Marxist) been ruling the West Bengal province since the 70s, plus India has a full blown Maoist insurrection.) Their central governments are relatively weak and inefficient (especially in Pakistan), you've got widespread corruption, all of these are good conditions for incubating a revolution.

Because globalization has exported the most outstanding ills of capitalism to the developing world, and because the western countries have seen their working class demographic largely absorbed into the middle class (although this is in reverse now) the influence of working class interests in the political arena has dropped off, but emerging economies like India, China and Brazil offer the most potential for a reemergence of communism, especially in South Asia.

The challenge for the commies over there is going to be coaxing people away from nationalism and religious fanaticism.
Post 01 Jul 2009, 01:23
I thought India's population was steadily moving below the poverty line?
Post 01 Jul 2009, 01:31
I thought India's population was steadily moving below the poverty line?

Or above? I don't think it matters in the near term, will India's growth be sustainable? And will an economic boom be able to raise the general standard of living in the short term? Maybe, but we can't tell for sure at this point, most export-oriented economies are reporting huge losses for this year and the last.. double digit gdp shrinks in a lot of places. But either way I think given the inequity that exists there and size of the population living in poverty now, there's good motivation for people in that part of the world to start questioning the capitalist system. In general I think the global crisis has validated our ideas for many people, and between food prices and the export slump there's reason to be pissed off especially in the developing world, its a window of opportunity.
Post 01 Jul 2009, 01:52
Er, sorry. I meant above the poverty line.
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