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Third World countries stance during Sino-Soviet split

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Post 27 Sep 2019, 06:31
I would like to know for some communist/socialist oriented states of third world (mainly in africa), which part they took during sino-soviet split years, or which they remained neutral

S.Yemen (at least until 1978 and the pro-soviet coup)
Somalia (until 1977)

Ghana (K.Nkrumah)
Guinea (S.Toure)
Mali (M.Keita)

Tanzania, Nyerere i know was pro-chinese

Post 28 Sep 2019, 05:27
I wouldn't call Ghana etc socialist, Ghana took massive loans from the IMF and cooperated with American companies to industrialize its economy and move it away from cocoa, but it never did anything really socialist, Nkrumah just thought that socialism is a good idea. So it wasn't really more socialist than England in that era. Same with Guinea, which openly advocated third way. It's important to remember that a mixed economy being the best idea was more or less the consensus among international economists until the late 1970s.
Post 29 Sep 2019, 13:20
Ok, the 3 above then

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