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Death toll of American Imperialism.

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Post 10 Jun 2014, 04:19
This is just a peliminary list I've put together of the number of people killed from Wars/massacres directly a result of the Imperialist Agressions of the United States government. This list doesn't claim to be comprehensive or even anywhere close to the actual number (I've used conservative figures) it's meant as a starting point.

Unneccesary Nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)

US backed right-wingers in the Greek Civil War (1946-1949)

US intervention in the Korean Civil War (1950-1953)
2.8 million

Guatemalan Civil War caused by a US backed dictator (1960-1996)

US intevention in the Vietnamese Civil War (1965-1973)
4 million

US backed Indonesian government's killings of communists
500,000-1 million ... E2%80%9366

US supported Islamic Terrorists (including the Taliban and Al Queda) against a Secular Marxist government and the subsequent Afghanistan Civil War followed by the US invasion of their former allies the Taliban (1978-Present)
2 million

Iraq Sanctions (1990-2003)

Iraq War (2003-2011)
1 million

US supporting Islamic and secular rebels in the Libyan War (2011)
100,000 ... ned-237895

US supported Al Qaeda Islamic terrorists in the Syrian War (2011-Present)
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