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Post 06 Apr 2010, 15:29
What the hell was Pol Pot thinking ? complete ruralisation ? murdering intellectuals ? Is there any Khmer Rouge fans here that could help explain or anybody at all ?
Post 06 Apr 2010, 19:40
I don't think there's anyone on this board who is a fan of the Khmer Rouge. In fact I've never met anyone who was a fan.
Post 06 Apr 2010, 19:43
Won't really find many Pol Pot supporters here. More or less Pol Pot could be described as something of a primitive utopian socialists. He attempted to take Cambodia straight to a communist system by-passing the dictatorship of the proletariat. This ended up with Cambodia going towards a primitive communist (or communalist) system.

I'd also note that the Socialist Republic of Vietnam put an end to his regime.
Post 06 Apr 2010, 20:00
And when vietnam did, the US did a complete 180 and claimed the Khmer Rouge were the 'legitimate' government and their ousting was illegal
Post 07 Apr 2010, 02:07
Spot on, Conscript. Last summer I was looking through some issues of my local newspaper from 1979 about an unrelated issue. I couldn't believe how biased the commentary was in favor of Cambodia and against Vietnam. There was even an editorial cartoon that portrayed a racist Asian figure (Vietnam) groping a helpless virgin(Cambodia). I'm going to bring this up next time someone brings up Pol-Pot as an example of the evils of communism.
Post 07 Apr 2010, 08:31
It wasn't just newspapers and political cartoons. The US government actually sent material and 'specialists' to Cambodia to attack Vietnam by proxy. And of couse when Vietnam put an end to Pol Pot's madness the US and others lamented the terrible calamity of Vietnamese 'aggression'.
Post 07 Apr 2010, 21:12
Can you describe what a communalsit believe in for me ? and ya i read that the Vietnamese ousted them and America backed them. Another question that i have is the way to communism through technology or going back to the past/ peasant farming ?
Post 07 Apr 2010, 22:54
MIA. Scroll down and communalism also is called primitive communism.

Pol Pot was a reactionary who wanted to go back in time where there was just rural farmers, hence the destroying of intelectuals and ruralization. Communists don't wish to go back to the times of cavemen but seize control of the technology/capital and use it for the people.
Post 08 Apr 2010, 02:58
I thought Pol Pot was just some crazy man who didn't even know what communism was. I mean he put to death those with glasses, because they represent the bourgeois or whatever they referred to them as. Due to them being able to afford to buy glasses.
Post 11 Apr 2010, 09:31
He always seemed very stupid to me.
Post 20 May 2016, 02:10
Pol Pot wanted to destroy old ruling class of Cambodia because of fear that he might face a rebellion against his regime. Thats why only hours after Khmer Rouge entered the capital in 1975 he drove all population to the countryside, with the known results
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