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thought I would Share this.....

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Post 23 Sep 2015, 14:20
Post 23 Sep 2015, 18:26
Wow, they are truly demented over there. Every racist and sexist neurosis they can lay their fevered little minds on gets the green light for full expression. It's not art, but it's very revealing. When the light of day finally dawns on that place, it's going to reveal a culture that will make Japan's look like a straight laced den of Puritan teetotalers in comparison.
Post 23 Sep 2015, 19:41
Yeah... I see nothing wrong with it. It said it was made by north koreans, not the north korean state. It's just a regular youtube video.
Post 23 Sep 2015, 20:03
Che Burashka wrote:
It said it was made by north koreans, not the north korean state.

Come on, Che, you know better. Everything else they produce is a hilarious hack job, from their propaganda to their foreign policy, so why should their attempts to infiltrate Youtube be any more competent? My respect for the Korean people remains intact, but DPRK is strictly lulz (if you can ignore all the corpses piling up).
Post 23 Sep 2015, 20:29
And that is no reason to believe it's official propaganda. I wouldn't trust the south koreans on that.
By the way, it's no different from the usa's view on NK. A bit more rough, but the same.
Post 23 Sep 2015, 20:36
I'd say the average man on the American street (not talking about the gun nuts and xenophobes) regards Lil' Kim as a murderous buffoon, but doesn't hold any particular grudge against the Korean/North Korean people per se. It's not like they are exporting a medieval political ideology to other parts of the world a la the Islamists. After the whole thing goes up in flames, I imagine the reunification will basically resemble that of the two Germanies, except that quite a lot more people still miss Ulbricht than will ever miss Kim.
Post 23 Sep 2015, 22:15
The difference is that NK hasn't bombed the hell out of the USA. That usually generates some grudge...
Post 25 Sep 2015, 16:59
This song is now the official anthem of the DPRK forum!
Post 09 Oct 2015, 14:54
According to the comments on top of the video by whomever put it online, the DPRK "made this in South Korea," which almost certainly means that one of the pro-DPRK groups there was involved in making it. In South Korea any group that supports the DPRK is pretty much presented as nothing more than a front group for North Korean intelligence and are treated as criminal organizations.

The style of music wouldn't be permitted in the DPRK, and I'm pretty sure it's against the law to use profanity in the media, which means that this would never be shown in the North, only in the South.
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