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Christa Wolf, DDR East German novelist

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Post 21 Aug 2019, 17:27
I've been reading about Christa Wolf the famous East German novelist. She was a member of the SED from the 50s to 1989. I learned she had also been a member of the Nazi BDS during her teens, despite having a Socialist mother. There was a bit of an ideological tightening in 1965 after which she could be considered an "establishment opposition". It reminds me of some of the debates happening in DDR philosophy at the same time, in which there was a purge of some of the Hegelian humanists who had risen to lead DDR official DiaMat by the 60s.

I was interested in reading her Cassandra novel, and learning more about the Trojan War. Some see it as a metaphor for the DDR state. And in Marxian terms she explores the pre-historic overthrow of matriarchal society.

This book goes into a lot of details in the context of the DDR ... navlinks_s
Post 18 May 2021, 15:56
Here is an article I found from Spartacus Educational . I am sorry to say , Comrade @heiss93 , that it contradicts the biographical account that you gave somewhat .
Post 20 May 2021, 01:43
Thanks for the article, it was more in depth than the sources I had skimmed over before making my post. I don't really see much that directly contradicts the broad strokes of the 3 stages of her life that I remarked upon.

I guess the biggest discrepancy would be whether her mother had been a Socialist, or supporter of Hitler. I think I came across the reference during a google book search, I can double check it.
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