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Does anyone have everyday life pictures in the GDR?

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Post 05 Feb 2013, 03:32
I just want to look into the everyday life of a East German citizen, I have always found the GDR to be the most interesting socialist state in the Eastern Bloc and I have always liked the politics of Erich Honecker.
Post 05 Feb 2013, 03:36
I remember googling a site with many photos from the GDR, can't find it anymore.
You can also check the Bundesarchiv Bild site, it has pretty much every photo ever taken in German lands.
Post 11 Apr 2013, 19:35
This site might interest you.
Post 15 Apr 2013, 18:45
Comrade Gulper wrote:
This site might interest you.

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for this site.
Post 10 Aug 2013, 08:56
Not quite related to pictures on the internet, but I visited the DDR Museum in Berlin yesterday. Inevitably, a lot of the textual information presented has a certain propagandist bend, but it is still interesting because of the sheer amount of material gathered within its relatively small confines. It's a very hands-on experience, e.g. the possibility of sitting in a Trabant, lots of music, pictures, videos, consumer items, a living room, a prison cell, etc. I would recommend seeing it if you get the chance, even though it's basically propaganda.
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