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Post 03 Oct 2012, 05:52
Is it true that the KPD supported the NSPD sometime before or as Hitler came to power? I can't find the reference anywhere though. If this is true why and how did that happen?
Post 19 Jan 2013, 06:40
I've never heard of that claim. All I'm aware of is the NDSP bashing and promulgating anti-Communist lies before/as Hitler came to power.
Post 20 Jan 2013, 08:49
You mean the NSDAP, and they did work together in one occasion, at a strike somewhere in Prussia. Specifically, I believe it was a cooperation of unions (NSBO = nationalsozialistische Betriebszellenorganisation = National Socialist Factory Cell Organization and RGO = revolutionäre Gewerkschaftsopposition = Revolutionary Union Opposition) rather than parties, though.
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