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Were east Germans in favor of unifaction ?

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Post 13 Jul 2011, 19:26
I have a few questions on East Germany I would also love to have a source unless your a former resident of the East Germany.

1. Were the majority of the people of East Germany in favor of reunifacation?

2. How many people really escaped or attempted to escape East Germany and what were the reasons for them wanting to leave?

3. Were workers really in control of the means of production in East Germany?

4. Do East Germans now regret reunifacation?

5. Do East Germans miss Communism?
Post 13 Jul 2011, 20:24
I live in Germany.

1. No, they just wanted open/more easily passable borders.

2. "Escape" is a stupid term. About 3 million people left the Soviet zone/GDR between 1945 and 1989. The vast majority of these left before the border was closed. After the border was closed, about 100 managed to leave illegally and about 90.000 left legally.

3. They were in control of them to an extent that may be unparalleled on this scale, except for Yugoslavia maybe. I've written about this in more detail in the Marxism-Leninism vs. Stalinism thread.

4. Those who are old enough to remember it are either ambivalent ("there were good and bad sides") or they openly regret it. I've only spoken to very few who were actually happy that the GDR is gone.

5. ...see above?
Post 13 Jul 2011, 21:48
Would you recomend communist life to a Canadian ?
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