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Question on Romania

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Post 17 Apr 2007, 21:46
I didn't suggest he was a puppet.
Post 18 Apr 2007, 00:22
I don't think Western governments "love" anyone.

True, but "Most Favoured Nation Status" is the closest you'll ever get to being loved...
Post 18 Apr 2007, 03:30
I agree with you arif_moin
Post 19 Apr 2007, 08:50
I didn't suggest he was a puppet.

What exactly are you accusing Ceausescu of then?

And before you cry "inhuman devil", Ceausescu went on with the 1966 decree because he knew that joint families are more condusive to the Socialist economic model than cosmopolitan ones. The family centric society puts alot less strain on state resources (ex: Free housing) than do cosmopolitan ones.

And on the international front, he was at odds with the USSR at times because his Western borders encompassed Hungary and Yugoslavia. He already had Eastern borders with Ukraine. So, naturally, as a leader, you would want to diversify your economy as much as possible. So, when Hungary got invaded, a non Soviet economic outlet got shut off from Ceausescu. Which is why he opposed the USSR when they moved into Hungary, for example. Since the West was the USSR's ideological foe, they supported Ceausescu.

I fail to see what deliberate wrong he engineered...
Post 19 Apr 2007, 19:11
What exactly are you accusing Ceausescu of then?

I thought it was clear in my post, that I was pointing out the fact that he was loved in the West and even called a "freedom fighter". It was more a jab on the west for their hypocrisy then an attack on Ceausescu, even though I don't like him.
Post 19 Apr 2007, 19:30
He was in many ways your archtypical evil dictator.

Who told you that?
Post 19 Apr 2007, 21:10
Whats wrong with architypal evil dictators anyway? *moderately controversial, from a certain perspective*

Besides, name one politician that never did a single thing wrong, good old Blair has a boatload.
Post 21 Apr 2007, 16:29
Yeah, but as narcisstic as Bliar may be, he is not a patch on Ceausescu. Statues, declarations, demonstrations all in his name. All, no doubt, directed from the top rather than any type of sponteanous show of support.

And to add to all this, Ceausescu was declared divine on his 62nd birthday.
Post 21 Apr 2007, 18:14
Everyone deserves a birthday present =p

But in all seriousness, like with most leaders the very bad comes with the very good at the end the only people who remember are the common folk themselves.
Post 05 May 2007, 14:31
I think the fact that the Romanian Revolution was the only one that turned bloody shows a few things about his rule - he was the most uncompromosing and totalitarian of the Eastern Bloc rulers, post-1953 at least.
Post 05 May 2007, 17:25
It turned bloody because it was a conspiracy to topple the government through rogue elements of the secret police and military. Ceausescu did not order the military to fire upon demonstrators, this was ordered by conspiring generals, who would then later use it against Ceausescu.
Post 06 May 2007, 14:53
From what I've read, Ceausescu called for it to be put down by any means possible, even if it meant another Tianamen. I think it was in the Romanian Revolution by Peter Siani Davies.
Post 31 Mar 2010, 20:47
I am from Romania and I can perfectly remember Ceausescu's rule and the Revolution.

To get an idea of how life in the 80's under Ceausescu was, imagine the following: there was never enough food (the ration, for example, was 1 kg of sugar / month) , if you wanted to buy 1l of milk you had to wake up at 4 am to stand in line. Electricity and gas were cut on a daily basis, there were 2 hours of (bad) television. If we ate 1 or two bananas / year we were lucky! We always suspected the other of being an informant for the Securitate, we always lived in fear and suspicion. The one thing we had enough was propaganda, seeing Ceausescu on a daily basis on TV an in the newspapers.

So let me say this as clearly as possible: he was shot like a dog on Christmas Day and he f*cking deserved it.

And if someone asks me about the Revolution, if it was worth it, I would say: definitely yes.
Post 20 May 2010, 04:42
I don't know much about Ceauşescu but I do know he gave his wife a huge personality cult and said she was a great scientist it's kind of funny
Post 20 May 2010, 13:25
And she failed the 7th grade of elementary school,never to continue anymore.
Post 08 Sep 2010, 09:46
From what I have been told from the kids Romanian auntie, although she isn't communist, she thinks Romania was a better place to live during Communist times, although she isn't Communist.

Hardly any unemployment, if someone was not working, the security services would lift themn and put them to work in a factory, everyone was housed so no one living on the streets. Now due to low wages people can't afford their own housing and overcrowding is a major problem. Befor she came to the UK, she was earning £200 a month and had to live with her mother and family in a small house just due to the fact she couldn't afford to do otherwise.

I think a lot of people are feeling the same in Romania and would welcome a return to the "old days".
Post 09 Sep 2010, 01:36
I was an acquaintance with a young Romanian woman. Her basic opinion was that the state was not too bad at providing the staples of life, but she disliked the lack of "choices." Of course, her opinion may have been colored by the fact that her father was a party member and a policeman. She also told me an amusing story about how her Mother hung religious pictures on the wall much to the consternation of her Father.
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Post 09 Sep 2010, 02:06 ... dent_again

Romanians would vote Ceausescu for president again

Romanian Times
Eight four per cent of Romanians do not support the execution of communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and forty-one per cent say they would vote for him as president if elections were held now.

Nevertheless, 52 per cent said they would not vote for him to be head of state.

Seventy per cent said the people who condemned Ceausescu to death should pay for it.

A total of 1460 persons responded to the poll.

The recent exhumation of the communist dictator and his wife, Elena, had amplified nostalgia in Romanians, sociologist Vasile Dancu said in explanation of the poll results.

DNA tests will be taken of samples from the bodies thought to be of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, as no official document says who the bodies really belong to. The tests will compare the samples to the DNA of their son.

he still has some support it seems.
Post 11 Sep 2010, 22:13
From what I've read, Romania was an 'acceptable' socialist country until 1980, where the government decided to pay it's IMF (and World Bank?) debts at the expense of nearly starving the local population. This, added to the ever-vigilant state security produced too much discontent in the workers.

And yes, the 1989 events were necessary. The system was already fragged up. From my point of view, that was far from my idea of how a socialist country should be.

The 1989 events altough a hard hit to the socialist ideals, allowed us to rethink the XX century socialist models and approaches.
Post 28 Mar 2011, 19:46
There *must* be a way to establish industrial armies, especially for agriculture ("Communist Manifesto" Measure
. This necessarily means that population should be encouraged. I don't think women should be tested at work, that seems outside of the purview Communist Party, unless the Ministry of Social Security Division of Health and Welfare sets that sort of thing up. (Again, I am a male so it would be easier for me to say than a woman, who might find such an inspection intrusive and degrading.)

As I have stated in other posts, the Communist Party is the mirror of the masses' will. It does not "educate" or "elucidate" the masses, it merely follows the demands of the workers. That being said, as a Communist, I oppose abortion and contraceptives.

-Comr. Matthew Tobin
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