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Rettet der Palast!

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Post 16 Jan 2006, 14:45
Save the palace!
The palace of the republic.
Where the GDR governemnt was seated.
Where there were free concerts, disco and other activities.
With more then 15.000 visitors a day.

In the current stand of right-wing BRD government, they try to erase the past.
Including the old Palast der Republik.
A unique building in Europe, loved by many.

Take a look at
for the "commercial".
It says at the end, there are enough castles, the Palast is unique.
The future of Berlin.

one of the largest organisations who try to save the building;
It has a lot of information
Post 16 Jan 2006, 22:42
I don't speak or read German, but I agree with you. Is there anything on this in English?
Post 27 Jan 2006, 23:36
Have they lost their minds? It's really an awesome building
Post 14 Jul 2006, 21:58
There's no ethics in imperialism.
Post 04 Dec 2007, 00:43
We can always rebuild the palace.

All we need is socialism to be victorious!
Post 04 Dec 2007, 01:05
Well Spoken, Comrade!
Post 29 Feb 2008, 18:51
some say it's ugly...
It's NOT.

look at this brilliant example of constructivism:


i just love the bronze windows.
Berlin has to keep it, why don't they restore it? I think it would be quite popular.
Post 29 Feb 2008, 19:24
We can always rebuild the palace.

And this time lets not call it a palace.
Post 29 Feb 2008, 19:56
I saw something about this on the news a long time ago, I think it should be restored in its origanal state.., It is on of Berlins Landmarks why not perish it
Post 16 Jun 2008, 20:34
I think the Berlin authorities want to pull it down which is a great shame...
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